Monday, 12 November 2012

Masochist - Tantalyzing Tuesday

“There seems to be someone here.” He smiled at Delores. She was several years older than him, perhaps even a decade, but her body still fit the mold her corset made for it. Harrold reached for the laces hanging from the base of it.
Crack. Harrold's hand snapped back. The erection that had been flagging rose again in his trousers.
“You think to touch me, sir? You think I'm still one of these girls for you to take on your knee?”
Crack. Harrold shuddered, sinking to his knees.
“Yes, kneel for me, gentle sir. Show me how low I can bring you.”
“Kiss my slipper.”
Had he known, he'd have approached Delores sooner. This. This is what he wanted, what he needed. The freedom to be as low and as vile as he could. To be the opposite of what filled his days.
On his hands and knees, he put his lips to the embroidered fabric covering her foot. The feet slipped out of his sight and another slap of the belt landed on his bottom.
“Remove these.” Delores lifted the fabric from his rear, a cool breeze running over his warm, red skin.

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  1. A great tease, thinking how long Harold will feel the "cool" breeze.....

  2. Excellent imagery I could hear the snap as the belt lashed and almost feel the breeze. Loved it

  3. Naomi is so right, you took us right there. I felt the power in your words. Beautiful tease, Angelica.

  4. Very descriptive and l enjoyed the 'voice' of the madam!

  5. You really hit the spot for Harold and what he needed. Appropriate title and photo too.

  6. Damn, if this book is out. I better get it. I liked it.

  7. So convincing I think the teaser is writing from experience. Vivid, powerful and beautifully crafted. Nice work, Angelica.


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