Tuesday, 20 November 2012

#TantalizingTuesday - Introductions

Here are my 200 words that follow on the Masochist. Here Harrold meets a new woman, but one that will please him as much or more than Delores. Check out all the other Teasers on the blog.

“You are a difficult man to get a hold of, Harrold. I don't think I like that.”

“Pardon, madam, but I'm sure I'd remember if I made your acquaintance.”

Full red lips pulled up on one corner in a smirk. “You had better believe you would.” Her lusty tone told him much. “We haven't met,” she said, circling him. “I'd been informed that you were in need of my services.”

Harrold's brow furrowed. What woman provided a service he needed? What service...

A light shone behind his eyes just as she said, “Delores was quite insistent. More than is proper. I had to set her down. She enjoyed that, I think. Would you?” She glanced at Harrold from the corner of her oddly sparkling eyes.

“Would I what?” He was completely flustered. How had a whore gotten into this party?

Her palm slapped across his face. The sensation was familiar. Many ladies had spurned his advances when he was younger. However, this woman had a stronger arm than any of them. This pain rivaled that of the time his cousin had punched him in the jaw.

“You will pay heed when I speak. Would you enjoy being reprimanded by me?”