Thursday, 11 July 2013

#FFF - Flasher Fiction Friday

With her eyes closed, she fought anxiety. The lists racing through her mind were not helping. Tools, commands, none of it was new, but everything had to be perfect.

“Breathe,” the woman reminded her. “And relax, otherwise, why are you here?” Her slight Asian accent ended in a titter.

She was right. Today had been weeks in the planning. She just needed to walk through these last steps. Facial, mani, pedi and then dressing for the night.

The club didn’t know what it was in for when the newest mistress took the floor. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure she knew either.

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  1. I hope the night is worth all the beautifying and her new Mistress is pleased. Great flash

  2. Oho, I hope she has tons of fun! :-)

  3. What happens when the Mistress takes the floor? I certainly hope her Sub pleases her.

  4. All her nerves are showing how important this night is for her. Would love to read about her first night. Exciting flash.


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