Saturday 20 July 2013

#SerialSunday - Rising Up

Beth followed me into the shower. I couldn't help my eyes eating up every one of her curves: her hip, the slight pouch of her belly, her waist, her breasts, her cheeks. She was simply perfect. She fit me perfectly.

She crossed her arms, pursing her lips a little. "I'm getting cold again," she reminded me.

Shaking my head to clear it, I started the shower.

A few times, I had considered remodelling this bathroom to put a stall in place of the shower and tub combo. Now I was glad I hadn't. Although she would have had to press against me in a small stall, we fit much more easily in the tub. I pulled the head from the hook on the wall to run it down her back, over her butt, unable to resist the urge to run my fingers over it as well.

"Lots of mud there?" she asked with a smirk.

"Tons," I said soberly, cupping a cheek, pulling her closer. "I don't know how I'll get you clean enough."

She laughed, squirting a bit of my body wash into her hands. Inhaling, a small smile came to her lips. "This is good stuff," she murmured, putting her palms to my chest and working up a lather.

My mouth opened as her hands roamed over me. She bit her lip occasionally, never really taking her eyes from me. I grabbed the shampoo in one hand, fixing the shower head in place again with the other.

As I twisted, her hand cupped my ass, then slapped it suddenly. I gasped, feeling my dick twitch and harden.

She didn't seem to notice, giggling as she rubbed body wash over my belly. She rubbed her own then, washing away the splatter I'd left on her.

I caught my breath and turned back to her, squirting the shampoo in my hand and sliding past her, letting her stand under the falling water. As we squeezed by one another, I felt her nipples draw a line across my chest, her thighs rub against mine, her hands guiding my step. Could I keep her here? Would she do this with me every day? Could I be so lucky?

Too soon, I scolded myself. Smiling, I worked the shampoo into her hair, washing the splotches of mud from it.

She sighed, tilting her head up. "So warm," she murmured, shifting slightly under the water, smiling. Her eyes were closed and her expression one of content.

I leaned forward to brush my lips across hers, a whisper of a kiss. They turned up even further, eyes still closed. "Mmmm, very warm," she said, opening her eyes slowly to mine. Her smile was fixed as she reached up to wipe at my face, her fingers rubbing away the dirt she had put there.

Once her hair was lathered, I took another dab of shampoo and reached for my own head. She stood still, eyes fixed on my chest, then slowly moving lower.

I was suddenly self-conscious. Gary made sure I worked out at least somewhat regularly, but I wasn't buff by any stretch of the imagination. Skinny was probably a better descriptor.

She obviously liked what she saw though, as she stepped forward to wrap arms around me, peppering my pecs with kisses. My heart seemed to skip a beat. I stiffened further where I was tucked against her leg. "Beth." I breathed her name into her freshly rinsed hair. It smelled of my shampoo, mom's shampoo, mine.

"Yes, Peter," she replied, turning her ear and cheek to me, resting against me. "Yes."

Yes? I wondered what that meant. I hoped it meant everything I wanted. I stepped carefully around her, turning her at the same time so I wouldn't have to let go. I needed to rinse my hair before I got suds in his eyes. Then I looked down at the dark-haired beauty that had so completely taken over my life, given me new life.

"Will you stay?" I asked very quietly, praying for a yes.

She smiled up at me. "I was hoping you'd ask that. Yes, Peter. I would love to stay." Leaving me standing under the cooling water, she stepped out onto the bath mat, grabbing a towel.

Turning off the water, I hurried to follow her. She giggled as she saw me emerge and ran for the bedroom again, her towel flaring behind her. She'd taken the only one, I realized belatedly; the other was in the hamper.

"Wait!" I called, chasing her.

She laughed and continued to trot around the bed, holding the towel up in front of her like a sheet, hiding behind it. I growled playfully and swatted at it. She dropped it, spinning around me and smacking my ass again before rolling over the bed to land on her feet on the other side. Her hands rested on the mattress, hips twitching from side to side, almost like a cat's tail. She was ready to run or pounce.

I gasped at the second swat, feeling fire run through me. Seeing her challenging me, made me lustier still.

Her eyes widened slightly where they rested on my abdomen. Lifting to my face, her eyes narrowed a little. "You like that?" she asked, crouching further. "You like when I run?"

I sighed. Could I tell her? No, still too soon.

"Not the running," I admitted, grabbing my robe and pulling it on. While I was half bent, a weight landed on my back, bending me further. Grabbing the mattress, I stretched sidelong on it. Beth wasn't light. I could carry her, but not with ease.

"I'm not done playing," she declared, nipping my ear. She laughed, squirming on my back. Her hips swung down my leg, putting her feet on the floor again, then she rolled me over. "Roar," she said, straddling my hips. I was tucked neatly between us as she pinned my arms to the bed, and I stiffened quickly.

"Mew?" I answered, more than a little overwhelmed.

She laughed loud, tossing wet locks that hung straight down her shoulders. "You're going to let me take you," she said, leaning into me on the word take.

I groaned in response, fantasies I'd been fighting coming back to me. It had been hard enough when she took the lead earlier. I'd waited, building my resolve, before plopping her on the bed and taking control back. I wanted her to lead. I wanted her to tell me what to do, what she wanted. Where she wanted it.

My hands balled, but didn't pull from her. She noticed, looking at them. I watched the puzzled look on her face slowly smooth. Beth was smart, too smart.

"Oh," she whispered, a grin replacing the playful smile. "You do want to play." Leaning into her hands, she licked up my throat and over my ear, her tongue tickling inside it. As she did, she rubbed the smooth skin - where her hair had been - against me, making me groan and thrust up at her.

That made her tisk and push down with her legs, knocking me away. The mattress bounced in response and I was banged against her pubic bone several times, wincing at the slight pain. It felt like it might bruise. She held still above me.

When I caught my breath and opened my eyes, hers were fiery. "Where are your condoms?" she asked, her voice commanding. My mouth fell open. "I... I don't... There should be some in that drawer." My eyes flicked to the bedside table.

"Don't move," she ordered, mouth tight.

I licked my lips and shook my head. She smiled a little and let go of my wrists, jumping to grab what she sought. This is it, I thought. She's going to ride me, get off on me, use me like her toy. Each image made me throb harder for her.

"Put this on," she ordered, holding out the small black square.

I sat up, ripping it open in a hurry.

She was deep in thought, I could tell. She often got that look at her desk at work when she was puzzling through a problem. Slowing my actions, the condom rolled down my length, casing me. When I couldn't delay any longer, I looked up at her.

"Good," she said, her eyes darker somehow. They were such a deep brown they were almost black normally, how could they get darker? But they had, darker and warmer. My breath caught again, anticipation pounding in my veins. She licked her lips, eyeing me over. Instead of self-conscious, this time it made me hotter. Something in that look, cold and judgmental, instead of warm and tender, made me burn. She was weighing me in her plans.

"Turn around," she said.

Not understanding, I lifted my legs onto the bed, sliding my ass in enough to sit up properly. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her, my balance shifting. My legs went up and then came down bent, trying to hold my weight on the bed so I didn't fall off. It wasn't a danger, only my shoulders and part of my chest hung off the bed.

"Good," she said, looking me over again. "Yes... Keep that head down," she told me, crawling up onto the bed.

I tucked my chin to watch her ass swing as she made her way to my hips. There was a biting sting as she slapped my thigh hard.

"Head down," she repeated.

With a gasp and clench of teeth, I relaxed my neck and back, hanging off my bed.

"I'm watching, Peter," she warned. "Keep it down." Then, through the thin sheath of latex, I felt heat envelop me. "Fuck," she muttered as she slid me into her. I couldn't help but agree as my hips rose to meet hers. She wriggled slightly, as though trying to make sure I was as deep as possible. It sure as hell felt like it to me. I lifted my head very slightly, wondering which way she faced.

Another slap to my thigh, this time followed by a pinched nipple. "Damnit," I cursed, biting my tongue slightly, feeling the sting spread and subside.

"Down," she said again.

"Yes, Mistress," I murmured, my breath heavy.

Beth chuckled. "Mistress," she said lightly. "You will obey?" she asked, sliding off me.

"Yes, Mistress," I answered afraid a no would mean she wouldn't get back on.

"Good boy," her voice was teasing, but her touch wasn't. She massaged my balls for a second before slamming her hips down on me. We both grunted at that. "You are going to make me come again, Peter," she declared, her voice different than before. It was lusty, but much more controlled. She was choosing her words, not grasping for them. "You are going to fill me until I can't take it. I am going to close on you, tighten on you, drag the come from you."

Holy shit. This was better than any of those fantasies. Her voice, her words... I couldn't say. I could only respond as she started to ride me, her hands still walking over my skin.

My ears started to ring and my face was flushed. I was panting as Beth rode me hard, her hips colliding with mine as she grunted and moaned, at one point almost screaming. Her sounds drove me mad. The feel of her around me, even through the stupid condom, was amazing, better than I could have dreamed. I wanted to tell her...

"Pussy, legs, hands." What? Had she melted my brain? All I could find were nouns. "Shit, cock."

She chuckled and I lifted my head, wondering if it was anything other than my nonsense that made her laugh. She dug her nails into my legs, tearing up them. It felt like she'd ripped my skin open. My head sank back instantly.

"I said head down," she said slowly punctuating each word with a thrust. "Now you keep it down, until I'm done with you."

I felt a quiver through her legs where they pressed against mine. "Fuck," she whispered, almost squeaking. Then she let go on me, her voice turning to a low moan and grunt as she ground down on me. Her nails trailed lightly over my belly and then I felt her hair on my chest, falling off the edge of the bed.

She gasped. "God, that was good." She sat on me for a moment, rolling her hips in a circle. "And how are you?" she asked, her head looking down at me, hair hanging into my face.

"Go-ood" I answered, stuttering.

"Good," she said with a smile, sitting back up. "Keep that head down," she called as she started to bob on me again. When we were done, we were done. The room smelled heavily of her and I never wanted to wash the sheets, though I knew I'd have to. She was curled on my chest and it was quiet outside, the dead of night. The clock read four. That couldn't be in the afternoon, I thought, holding her as she dozed.

It hadn't all been sex, but it had all been naked. I'd shown her more of the house, particularly Sarah's room. She had pulled me from there to bend herself over the banister of hall. She made a point of distracting me whenever my thoughts turned too serious, and she had put her mark on every room of the house.

Suddenly my stomach rumbled. I hadn't eaten since the quick snack we'd grabbed in the kitchen before she pinned me in one of the dining room chairs.

Beth laughed, opening her eyes. "I'll make us something," she said, sliding off the bed quietly. "I have to text Jamie. She never told me if Brian left tonight." She waggled eyebrows at me. "Maybe we both got lucky." Her grin was brilliant.

So was mine, happy to be the reason she wasn't at home tonight.

She poked her head back in the door. "By the way, I'm losing important beauty sleep, I'll have you know."

"You don't need it," I told her. "You have beauty to spare."

She grinned and walked off.

I grabbed my robe and cigarettes and headed out on the roof, assuming she would be a little while. I lit up and leaned back. The air was cold, but I'd been so warm, so long.

"Peter?" Beth asked, finding the tiny door to the attic and poking her head out. She handed me a grilled sandwich on a plate, then cinched her robe tighter before sitting beside me, leaning into me for warmth.

Rubbing out the smoke, I put one arm around her and lifted my sandwich with the other. "Thank you." I told her, kissing her.

She wrinkled her nose and lifted her own sandwich to her lips. "I didn't know you smoked. Tastes terrible." Her eyes closed as she hummed around her sandwich.

"Yeah. I think I'll quit. As long as I have another reason to come sit out here." I looked up at the stars obscured by clouds that were just starting to lighten with dawn.

"You're the reason I'm out here instead of bed," she said, chewing another bite.

"You're the reason I love losing sleep," I admitted. "Much better than the old reason."

She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. "I can be the new reason, and hopefully you lose less," she said, poking me in the ribs.

I chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure I'll get more sleep. Eventually. When you're done with me." I laughed and she giggled too. She worked her legs a little, rubbing them together. "I think I'm done with you for a little while. Ouch."

I laughed again, putting my forehead to hers. "Can I kiss it better?" I asked.

"No!" she shouted, jumping up and running into the house.

I smiled, kicking the pack off the roof before turning to follow.