Monday 15 July 2013

#tantalizingtuesday — Unwanted Facial

His ejaculate coated her face. It flew into her hair, onto her breasts. She pulled her hands to her face, trying not to scream, trying to stay calm. Normally it wouldn't bother her to wear a man's seed, but hanging like this, she was already on edge.

Masculine arms came under her shoulders, lifting her. His free hand untied her legs, letting her fall against him. As he carried her to the tub, she noticed Sophia standing nearby, empty kettle dangling from her fingers.

“You're all right,” Harry whispered. “You did amazing.”

Jocelyn splashed water on her face, trying to wash away the semen and the tears. The water was blessedly hot, just short of scalding. She shook her head from side to side. Nails bit into her wrists as her hands were pried away. She found herself staring into Sophia's jewel-like eyes.

“You are fine,” she said with authority. “You are not less. You are not trash. You are proud. You did this. You chose this. You gave and now you have received. This is not a sign you are powerless. It is a sign that you grant power, power that is now and is always yours.”

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