Monday, 8 July 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Discovery

Passing through the hall, she heard more moans and cries, cracks and slaps. Harry stopped at one door, knocking once before opening.

“May we have the tub, Sophia?” Harry asked, blocking Jocelyn's line of sight.

“You may.” Harry stood aside to give Jocelyn entrance.

“Give her a good show, Lucy,” Sophia crooned to her captive. The woman was tied to a spike that hung from the roof. She was completely suspended, knees splayed by the bar tied to them. The woman screamed into a ball secured in her mouth as Sophia's fingers spread and played with Lucy's swollen red lips. Sophia jerked her hand up and down while Jocelyn stared, unable to break her gaze. She was close enough that when Sophia removed her hand, liquid sprayed from the woman, leaving damp patches on Jocelyn's robe.

Jocelyn's mouth hung open. Her eyes bulged and she tried to close her mouth, making odd gabbling noises. She'd never seen anything like that. Nothing in any of her classes or experiences had showed her that a woman could ejaculate. “How?” she asked when her tongue finally cooperated.

She didn't get an answer. Harry grabbed her roughly and knelt, holding her over the bent knee.

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