Saturday 27 July 2013

#SerialSunday - Rising Up

A strange image filled my dreams these days. Traffic flowing in two directions. Go forward, or go back, staying still wasn't an option. I was smart enough to know what my subconscious was trying to tell me. I had to move. Limbo wouldn't last and events would carry me in one direction or another if I didn't choose one for myself. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to go forward, with Peter. So I was.

Jamie and I couldn't seem to stop hugging me. She and Brian had been together a month, but she wasn't ready to move in with him. I, however, hadn't spent a night here in the last week. My clothes migrated quickly to Peter's as I took a change with me, and left the dirty there to be washed.

He hadn't proposed to me, the only thorn in my side. We were living like a married couple, but he hadn't taken that one step to tell the world that was what we would be. I hadn't asked him about it; we had only been a couple a month ourselves. Once, that was probably a reasonable courtship, but these days people dated for years without talking about marriage. Not me. I trusted him when he said he wanted to be with him forever. I recognized the look in his eyes as he helped me prepare a meal, when he watched me settle with a book in the living room. He didn't want me to go.

Mary, like Jamie, knew that a change had occurred. After all, I hadn't needed a ride for the last week and a half. She was the only one at the office who knew. I thought we did an excellent job in remaining professional. No one else had commented, and Mary was keen enough to wait until we were alone to bring it up. In fact, we exchanged more email on it than anything else. She was happy for us, but reminded me that the office policy did not look fondly on intra-office relations. So I shouldn't have been surprised when Gary called me into his office.

"Beth, I have good news and bad news." His smile was huge.

I put one hand on a hip, knowing he was playing me. "Bad news?"

"Company noticed. Actually, Peter's a sap and told them. I told him it was stupid, they didn't need to know, but he preferred to tell them before things turned to rumors. You two are amazing, you know that? I don't think anyone but Mary and I know you're even better friends! Still, that's the bad news."

Well, that wasn't so bad. So they knew, that meant a transfer. God, I hoped it was in the office. Otherwise, I'd probably have to quit.

"The good news is, you're being promoted." He beamed. I laughed as he passed me a legal sized envelope. It would contain the details of the offer. I ripped it open quickly and sighed in relief.

"What?" he asked.

"I was worried they'd ship me off somewhere."

He chuckled. "Nah, just up a floor into admin."

"Thanks," I said as I turned to the door.

"Thank you," he said to me, and I gave a questioning look over my shoulder. What did he need to thank me for? "I've known Peter since college and I have never seen him as happy as he is now. All thanks to you."

I blushed and left the office. How could I respond to that?

At my desk, I took my time reading over the details. The increase in pay was meager, but my cost of living was going down if I moved in with Peter. The position was what really interested me. I was in admin, which meant ample opportunity for growth, and it was under the VP of operations, which put me in an excellent spot for trouble-shooting, my favorite thing to do. I loved finding little snags and teasing them out, or larger ones and tugging until they disappeared. The hours were the same, of course, so I'd continue to ride with Peter. I quickly signed the bottom, signifying my acceptance and popped the envelope back into the mail.

Then I knocked on Peter's door.

"Come in?"

I closed the door behind me before leaning over the desk to peck his lips quickly. They pursed in an expression that spoke of both distaste and enjoyment.

"You know you shouldn't do that.

"Why not? I'm moving after all."

He leaned back in his chair smiling at me. "Gary wouldn't tell me a thing about it, jerk. What did they give you?"

"Admin. Assistant VP Ops."

He sat up straight. "Holy crap. That's great, Beth!"

"Settle down. They aren't paying me assistant VP salary," I said rolling my eyes. "I think it's a training position for something else."

"Yeah, for VP Ops!" he said, still glowing.

I highly doubted that but didn't argue. "In any case, since the administration knows..." I rounded his desk and pulled his tie as I kissed him. "We don't have any secrets to keep." I loosened the knot enough to pull it over his head.

"We still can't..." he started, but I stopped him, taking one hand and using it to spin his chair away from me. I grabbed the other and pinned it behind the chair as well using the tie to secure his elbows. I'd gotten a lot better at knots. Girl scouts everywhere would be proud. "Beth, really... this isn't..."

I walked to the door, turning the blinds so they were completely closed now. Then I came back to him. "Seems that I'm in a position over you now, Mr. Strauss."

He shivered, and I could see the response to my actions in his pants.

"Beth," he whispered, closing his eyes. He opened them in panic. "We can't!"

I laughed, plopping myself in his lap and making him groan. "I'm teasing you, and doing a damn good job. We'll have to do this at home." I didn't release his arms right away, kissing his jaw and neck, slipping fingers between the buttons of his shirt and playing with the smattering of chest hair he had.

"I'll say," he groaned, thrusting up at me. He drove hard into my thigh and I felt myself twitch in response, my insides moistening slightly. God, I wanted to strip him... My mind wandered over images, but I settled on the one that would be the simplest in this position. I slipped down between his knees, grabbing for his belt.

"Shit, Beth..." he murmured, growing stiffer as I opened his fly. "Are you crazy?" he asked.

"Mmhmm," I replied, putting lips to the bottom of his dick in a kiss. The hum would still run the length. His blond hair tousled and he threw his head back. Tucked in space under his desk, even if someone came in, only his lack of tie and use of hands would indicate anything out of the ordinary.

I reached around, grabbing the end of my larks head, I tugged and tie came free. Just in time too. Mary burst in without knocking, as usual.

"Where's Beth? She isn't in her cube."

Peter's head came up in surprise. "I..." he glanced down, and I took him in my mouth. I was such a tease. He exhaled and inhaled carefully, nose flaring. "She was needed," he said. I almost laughed. He wasn't going to lie to her. This should be good. "What do you need?"

"Weren't you wearing a tie this morning?" she asked. I took him deeper in my mouth and laughed around him, the sound choked completely. He coughed in response and moved in my throat. Whoa... that felt... I tried to imagine that when he was filling me elsewhere. I passed him the tie, which I had managed to put back into a messy Windsor. He pulled it on and straightened it. I laughed around him again and watched his eyes close this time.

"I see. Well I just came to give you this," she dropped paper on the desk. I heard it skitter. Then she kicked the other side of the desk.

"Fuck off, Mary," I said, unashamed.

"You, too," she said, cheerily and closed the door again behind her.

Peter sighed with relief. "What if that had been anyone but Mary?" he asked looking down at me, still licking and sucking.

"I wouldn't have teased so badly. You wouldn't want me jumping up just now, though, would you? That would be worse." Hand wrapped around him, I slid my mouth down over him, hand twisting. His hands went to the desk edge over my head, gripping it.

"Fuck, Beth..."

"That wasn't the plan," I replied smartly.

"Fuck, that mouth," he complained rolling eyes.

"THAT was the plan." I slid over his now wet and glistening shaft to take him right to my throat, just short of choking on him.

He lifted his hips, keeping his hands on the desk. I did choke but held on, bobbing very slightly, only moving a half inch or less.

"Oh my God," he groaned, just before shooting into me. I watched his face in awe. This moment would always be my favorite, just like that bed head. No holds barred, no walls up, nothing but him.

Licking carefully over the head, which made him shiver again, I pushed his chair far enough to slip out from under the desk. I smoothed blouse and slacks, brushing at knees that hadn't picked up much from the floor and turned to leave. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back into his lap, kissing my ear and neck.

"You'd better not get anything on me," I warned.

"Will you come downstairs sometimes?" he asked.

I stood, his hands parting for me. Leaning on the arms of his chair, my lips met his, as chastely as when I came in. "I plan to."

"I am the luckiest man alive. Will you-" He stopped suddenly, eyes flying open. "That's a question for later," he said, fixing his fly. "I will ask it though." He looked at me meaningfully.

Had he been waiting for the company? Suddenly Gary's words came back to me. before things turned to rumors. I smiled. He was going to make an announcement, a show... a proposal?

Licking my lips, I tried to keep my excitement contained. "I will wait," I answered. "But not too long." My eyes narrowed and I know my lips twitched.

His finger found my dimple. I was smiling more than I though. "Not long," he agreed.

"My new position is set to start in two weeks," I told him with another smile as I walked to the door. "In case anyone wanted to throw a party for me."

"I think a few people might," he said, pulling the paper Mary had dropped off toward him. He guffawed. "This is for you."

Stop kissing ass and get back to work, it read. "Cockblocker," I muttered, crumpling the page.

"How is it they're the only two that know?" he asked in wonder.

I shrugged. "They won't be for long."

He nodded. "They won't."

"Lunch?" I asked, cocking my head to one side.

"Sure," he agreed, pushing up from his chair.

I noticed the lipstick on his chin and neck. Rather than tell him though, I opened the door. As was so often the case, I preferred him looking less than perfect. "I'll meet you there," I said, sliding out. "Just going to... wash my hands," I said with a wink.

He chuckled and parted ways with me in the hall.

I arrived in the lunch room a moment later, but Gary and Peter were absent. "You?" Laura asked, quirking an eyebrow.

It didn't take more than a second for me to put it together. Was I the owner of the lipstick? I blushed. "Yes."

"He didn't take it well," Matt said, "all of us knowing. Congrats. Hope you two make it work." He stood up to take my hand and pull out a chair.

"Thank you," I said with a smile.

Gary came in, fighting giggles from the look of him. "Beth, can you come with me?" he said, his voice cracking.

"If you'll all excuse me." Pushing up, I turned for the door.

"Tell him we're all happy for you!" someone else shouted.

"You're moving?" someone else asked.

"Yes," I said turning around. "In with him!" I laughed.

Gary laughed loudly with me. "Two weeks, to admin," he told the others.

More congratulations were murmured behind me.

Peter was glaring when I entered his office.

"I wanted to do this right," he said, angrily. "I wanted to ask you first."

I fought to stay calm. Had I just ruined everything?

"Beth, I want you to marry me. I'm not proposing here, now, but I want you to know that I plan to." He pulled a velvet box out of his desk, and my mouth fell open.

I felt tears prick my eyes. "I'm sorry," I mumbled, pushing past Gary to go. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me back to Peter. I covered my face in shame.

Peter and Gary whispered to each other over my head. "Everyone is happy for you. They know she is moving."

"No one... said anything?"

"They said they're happy," Gary insisted.

I couldn't look up. Me and my teasing, me and my big mouth, me and my need to see him less than perfect. I knew what that meant to him. Why had I done that? "I should - have said - something," I managed between sobs. "I don't deserve that ring." Tears fell as I shook my head, still hiding behind my hands.

Peter's hands closed my wrists. Long thin fingers, nothing like Gary's, pulled my hands from my face.

"Don't cry, Beth," he said, his face looking haggard. "That hurts worse than anything. Please, stop." He released my hands to reach for a tissue and give it to me.

I blew my nose and dabbed the corners of my eyes, trying to gain control of myself. I could still feel my lip quiver. "I won't do that again," I promised. "I know you don't like... people seeing you... less than your best." Each pause for me to find the right words. Gary was behind me, and I didn't know what he knew.

"I'm not ashamed of you," Peter promised me. "I just wanted to do this right."

"I'm sorry. I understand if you want me to move back with Jamie."

"What?" He grabbed my shoulders suddenly and hugged me. "No! I don't want that. God, Beth, I never want you to go."

"Excuse me," Gary murmured, closing the door behind him.

"I want you with me forever, Beth. I noticed your things have been accumulating at my place, but would you move in with me?"

I chuckled. "I've already started, and I told everyone I was, so yes, of course."

His brow crinkled for a minute. "You told..."

I blushed. "Someone asked if I was moving..." I looked down for a minute and noticed his shirt caught in his zipper. Laughing, I tugged the little tail.

"Oh my God," he murmured, sinking onto the edge of his desk. "How many people noticed that?"

I ruffled his hair, but that didn't get a rise out of him anymore, I did it all the time. "Does it matter?"

"Yes, they'll know..."

"That we're in love. Guess what? They already do. They don't think this some sordid way for me to climb the ladder. Or if they do, Mary will stomp the rumor to dust," I added as an afterthought. "They're happy for us," I stood between his knees, my hands around his neck. "I'm moving. We can move or be moved. I'd rather choose the direction."

"What?" he asked confused.

"That dream I've been having," I reminded him.

"Oh, two-way traffic. Right. Well, we've definitely chosen a direction."

"I'm happy about it," I said with a smile.

"So am I," he answered, pressing his cheek to mine. His stomach rumbled.

"Lunch," we said together.