Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#MidWeekTease Vampire Bites - Blue Moon House Kitten #vampire #paranormal #99cents

Happy Humpday! I have a new boxed set! Vampire Bites is an anthology of stories about the bloodsucking kind. My contribution is from the Blue Moon House series, specifically, Kitten. I hope you enjoy this tease!
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Jocelyn shifted a little, swinging. She was completely suspended. She was also completely helpless. There was nothing she could do to free herself or even move more than a sway. The ceiling was higher than she had first realized and her crotch was only a little under Harry's chin as he circled her, examining.
Inhaling deeply, he said, “You were eager for this.” His tongue darted out and touched her hot skin. She shuddered, shaking in the harness, but barely moving. “Do you like it?” he asked, a finger tracing each of her lower lips, circling her anus.
"Oh, yes. Yes.” She longed to move, to touch herself, to have him touch her more.
"Yes. I think your kettle is ready. I'll be right back.”
"What?” Jocelyn turned her neck to follow him as he left the room. He wouldn't really leave her here, would he? She struggled against the straps, trying to find a way down. She swung and twisted, but couldn't move more than that. She started to cry, scared. Had she handed herself over to someone who would hurt her? Had she made a horrible mistake?
"Look at you. Quite different from when you arrived at my door.”
Jocelyn let her head hang back to see the door, albeit upside down. Sophia stood in the doorway. 
"You liked what you saw?” she asked. She frowned when she came closer, stretching up to wipe a hand over Jocelyn's cheek. “You didn't trust Harry?” she asked.
"He left me,” Jocelyn tried to explain.
"For only a minute,” Harry said, moving around Sophia to pour the kettle into the tub. “I'm not sure she will fit in here. She is very independent.” 
Sophia nodded. “I worried about that. A very progressive woman. Scientist, sexually manipulative.”
"You think she meant to manipulate me?” Harry asked, looking at Jocelyn.
"No, no, I didn't. I promise.”
Sophia's lips thinned to a line. “She got you to put her up there.”
Harry clicked his tongue. “I only meant to reward her. She seemed very keen in your room.”
"Yes, I was only curious. I didn't mean-”
"Silence!” both Harry and Sophia said. 
“You do not trust,” Sophia said again. “You cannot truly be a part of this house unless you trust your master. We have no place for you otherwise.”
"Please. Let me show you. I will obey,” Jocelyn argued.
"You disobey by speaking,” Harry pointed out. “I know Lynn was looking forward to having her.”
Sophia sighed. “She did seem a fine candidate.” She exchanged a look with Harry that was partially obscured by Jocelyn's leg. “Very well. You may try again. I would have Will train her, but I think neither of them would enjoy that.”
"I'm sure she will be more cooperative in future.”
Jocelyn bit her tongue, instead nodding.
"Much better,” Sophia said with a small smile. “The only word in your vocabulary is 'buckles.' You need no others.”
Jocelyn began to answer “yes” but stopped herself in time.

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