Tuesday 28 June 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #japanese #lesbian Surprise!

Who can blame her for getting distracted from any oddities? Check all the teasers on our blog.

Yuki immediately argued about receiving a gift. “I don’t need anything. You should keep—” Her words broke off when Eiko turned with a forked wand, one tine thick, long and curved, the other short and flat.
“Do you like it?” Eiko asked, putting the active end into Yuki’s hand. The material was soft and smooth, but not cold like the metal bullet. “This part goes inside,” she explained, wrapping her hand around Yuki’s to close her fingers on the thicker tine. “The other.” Eiko flipped a switch, making the whole wand vibrate.
Yuki swallowed the lump of anticipation forming in her throat, but before she managed to speak, Eiko put her lips to Yuki’s ear, her breath tickling as she murmured, “Please, let me please you.”
Yuki’s knees wobbled and Eiko hugged her to keep her steady. Together they sat on the mat. The redhead took the vibrator and brushed it up the inside of Yuki’s thigh.
“Please?” Eiko asked again.
“Please,” Yuki answered, falling back and pulling up her skirt.
Eiko set the vibrator down touching Yuki’s thigh and Yuki shivered. Eiko didn’t hesitate, using her fingers open Yuki’s lower lips and spread her moisture, while the other hand pulled Yuki’s panties off.