Tuesday 21 June 2016

#TantalizingTuesday That's weird #japanese #lesbian

Okay, don't blink or you'll miss it. Here's Yuki's first real clue that Eiko isn't exactly what she seems. Check all the teasers on our blog.

Yuki shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ve only just seen this place.” Yuki didn’t offer a suggestion but Eiko continued to look at her expectantly. “The bedroom?” she asked.
“Perfect,” Eiko agreed, taking Yuki’s hand and pulling her up. “Let’s pick a spot together.” Eiko turned on her toes, surveying the walls. They were all empty, a window on one. There was a futon and a closet but little else. On one hand, Yuki appreciated the lack of clutter and distraction; she would find it very easy to sleep in this room. On the other, it was strange that Eiko had no photographs, no knickknacks or keepsakes, nothing to mark the place as hers.
“How about here?” Eiko asked, holding the hanging to the wall on the right side of the futon.
“That looks great,” Yuki agreed. It would be easy to see from the mattress.
“Perfect,” Eiko said, pulling her hand away. The hanging stuck where she’d held it.
“How did you do that?” Yuki asked, looking more closely. A fine nail stuck out of the wall, holding the hanging up. It must have been there all along.
Eiko didn’t answer, opening the closet. “I bought you something for you.”