Saturday 11 June 2016

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Happy Saturday! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. For today's theme, Sexy In Time, I knew I had to share a snip from one of the Blue Moon House books. Each subsequent installment is further back in time. It makes it perfect for starting anywhere in the series as each must stand alone with threads that connect them that reveal themselves after reading them all. This is an excerpt from Kitten, my contribution to the first Vampire Bites boxed set. Here she is with her assigned Dom, Will. He has a tendency to reveal his unnaturally long life by using very old slang and vocabulary. They aren't a romantic couple, but I think this passage shows how close they've grown.
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Jocelyn tensed, preparing for pain. Nothing came, nothing happened, Will held perfectly still, his fingers still curled in her mouth. She let out a sigh of relief and he pushed.
Biting into his fingers, Jocelyn's scream was muffled. Will didn't punish her or take his fingers back, but he did slide them around her mouth. She tasted sweet stickiness, his blood. He pulled them out a little and pushed them back in. As he did, he rocked his hips forward, sinking further into her. She felt herself spread, but no burning, no pain, just intense fullness.
Relieved, she started sucking on his fingers, teasing them with her tongue and pulling them further into her mouth.
"You are the whore, aren't you, my little bubber?”
She laughed, as she did every time he called her that. It was amazing how that relaxed her, how much better he felt sliding in and out of her. She laughed again, having trouble believing it.
"You think it's funny, bitch? You think my cock in your ass is funny?”
She laughed again. “Yes! I think your ramrod in my barrel is pretty funny.”

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