Wednesday 1 June 2016

#MidWeekTease #Vampire Bites - Blue Moon House Kitten #99cents #paranormal #romance

Happy Humpday! I have a new boxed set! Vampire Bites is an anthology of stories about the bloodsucking kind. My contribution is from the Blue Moon House series, specifically, Kitten. I hope you enjoy this tease!
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Daisy sat astride Bernard's hips and bucked furiously, her fingers digging into his shoulders. His eyes rolled back and he cussed. Daisy's smile was triumphant when she eventually turned to Jocelyn.
"So? Was it there?” She rolled away enough to grab Bernard his pipe and herself a cigarette. She lit hers and passed the match to him. Then they both braced their backs on the settee and pulled the knitted throw from it across their laps.
Jocelyn admired Daisy's breasts as they heaved. She was still flush, too, pink covering her exposed breasts and slender neck. Bernard's face was red, but not nearly as attractive with a rather large nose and rough complexion. Daisy was infinitely fairer despite her dark chestnut hair. Jocelyn imagined tangling her fingers in it and pulling Daisy's plump lips to hers.
She blinked and looked up again. “Yes. Yes, it was there. I'm going back on Saturday.” She dropped the duster she'd never donned again on the settee and started pulling at the laces at her back. “Until then...”
Bernard growled and rounded Jocelyn to speed her disrobing. Of course, he took a moment to fondle her over the top of the corset. Daisy smacked his hand away to take one nipple in her mouth.
Bernard wasn't unwelcome, but Jocelyn preferred her time alone with Daisy. Their engagement was one of the final pushes Jocelyn needed to actually search out Blue Moon House. When her roommate married, she would both need a new place to stay, and a new friend. Perhaps the next would be a man again. She'd long since learned how to abort pregnancies, saving Daisy the shame of admitting Bernard had spoiled the goods once already. Her acceptance at the university was too tenuous to let something as inconvenient as a pregnancy stop her. She would never be a doctor, but she would learn all she needed to research disease and treatments. She would know everything she could about her body and how it worked. She longed to know how far she could push herself before damage was done. What damage could be repaired was also among her fascinations and studies.
Lying down, her head fell between Daisy's thighs, giving Jocelyn a superb view of the engorged pink skin that was still recovering from her play earlier. She began to lick along the dark pink skin while Bernard, hands holding Jocelyn's thighs, thrust into her. If she held her tongue out while he thrust...
"Christ,” Daisy cursed as Jocelyn's tongue moved with her, then pressed downward when Jocelyn flicked into her. “God, Jocy.”
"You sound amazing, doll,” Bernard murmured, leaning over Jocelyn to kiss his bride-to-be. “We'll still do this when we're hitched, right?”
Jocelyn froze, pulling her tongue back into her mouth. Daisy stopped, too, regarding Bernard with a frown creasing her brow.