Tuesday 31 May 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Growing Together #lesbian #Japanese

Another Tuesday, another piece of the story revolving around Yuki and Eiko. We're approaching the twist in this tale! I hope you like it. Check all the other teases by hopping to our blog.

Eiko spent several more nights at Yuki’s house, using the vibrator on one another and discovering more places to kiss and touch until Yuki thought she might know Eiko’s body as well as her own. Better. She had seen parts of Eiko, lavished them, when she’d only been able to feel the same on herself.
Yuki didn’t know what women did to signify their deepening relationship but had decided to ask Eiko to join her in her small apartment. There was scarcely enough room, but Yuki would sell anything she didn’t absolutely need for the opportunity to see Eiko every morning as well as night.
Before Yuki could make her offer, Eiko had one of her own.
“Come home with me tonight.”
Yuki had presumed Eiko didn’t invite Yuki to her home because Mina obviously didn’t like her. “What about Kita Mina?”
“She has gone,” Eiko explained. “It is only me now.”
“I would be honored,” Yuki replied in earnest, eager to see where her lover lived. This would be an ideal opportunity to give Eiko the calligraphy that was ready to be hung.
It was farther away from the campus than Yuki expected. Eiko suggested they pass through a park along the way, stopping to admire the flushing buds of spring.