Thursday 12 May 2016

#ThursdayTasters Kimono 4 #japanese

What is in that booth? There are other great tastes on our blog.

Trusting her sisters, Nabiki entered the booth, silk curtain falling behind her.
“Another of Akiko’s daughters,” the man in the booth said. “Lovely as her sisters. Come here, child.”
He began easing her kimono open.
Nabiki fought, trying to keep the precious fabric wrapped around her. Their hands tangled and twisted, her nails leaving thin red lines on his skin. He wasn’t unattractive, or particularly old, but she was completely unprepared for his advance.
“Enough,” he said, trapping her fingers and kissing her neck. His mouth opened and his warm wet tongue pressed against her throat. Instantly, a heady musk filled her nose, distracting her. It made her head spin, her blood heat and flow into her cheeks and thighs. She had felt this, once or twice, around an older boy at school. She had only just begun enjoying touching herself, begun imagining herself with a man, but after inhaling his scent, it seemed all her skin prickled and tingled. Every brush of his fingers sent her awareness further from the festival to focus on his mouth, his fingers, the rod prodding her thigh. She was naive, but in that moment, knew what she wanted to do with it, knew instinctively where it should go.
His fingers released her, and her hands moved to his hair, holding his head to the crook of her neck, her breast as he exposed it.
He cupped one and sighed in content. “Even more endowed than your sisters. You are perfect,
How did he know her? Had he done this with her sisters? Why hadn’t they told her? If she’d known, she wouldn’t have fought, wouldn’t have hesitated.
Her precious kimono pooled on the tatami floor of the booth, but she didn’t join it. Instead, the man lifted her legs to wrap around his hips and pressed her into the wall. She almost expected the booth to shake and fall, but the wall was sturdier than she had imagined. It kept her upright as he had his way. His stiffness missed her sex but slid along, teasing her most sensitive parts. That rod and his matching pubic hair, rubbed at her until she was rocking in time with him.
His hands alternated, one cupping her hip while the other teased her breast and nipple. That returned to support her weight and the other drew lines inside her thigh. Eventually one snaked into her, spreading her open. She felt the heat building, wanted to feel more and go farther than she had imagined possible. Waves seemed to pick her up and toss her, each one higher and more violent than the last. The roughest one came when he speared her. It didn't hurt as she had been warned, it only threw her more than the others. Slightly softer, the rocking motion of the waves spread her open by crashing on that hardness over and over. Just like the waves, the heat peaked and ebbed more than once before he finished. Each peak had her clutching him, tightening her thighs, crying out while the heat burst from her. She panted and gasped, completely spent before he put her back on her feet and nudged her toward a stool.