Tuesday 17 May 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Satisfaction #japanese #lesbian

Thanks for stopping in for Tantalizing Tuesday. I have the next 200 words between Yuki and Eiko. There are more fantastic teases on the Blog.

“Iee!” Eiko squealed, twitching away at first. “Yuki! What do you have?” she asked, her brown eyes hidden behind fluttering lids. She held more still when Yuki pressed the bullet to her again. “That feels so good.”
“Good,” Yuki replied, running her hand down Eiko’s back, feeling along the hollow of her spine, the top of her hips. Yuki arched as Eiko’s mouth returned to her nipple, nibbling and sending pulses of pleasure through her. One bite was harder than the others and Yuki gasped just as Eiko’s hips ground into her palm, rubbing hard on the vibrator.
“Yes, yes,” Eiko cried, resting her head on Yuki’s breast as she came. “Keep touching me, Yuki-chan.”
She giggled. “I wasn’t planning on stopping.”
“Good.” Eiko stole the vibrator away and pushed Yuki’s panties aside to put the vibrator on the flush red flesh, blood filling her to bursting.
Yuki cried more quickly and loudly than Eiko had. Her lover pulled the bullet away to let Yuki catch her breath, but before she’d done more, set it into her opening, pressing it all the way around. Yuki’s hips rocked and Eiko’s fingers, with the bullet, slid into Yuki.