Tuesday 24 May 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Puddles of Love #Japanese #lesbian

Thanks for stopping in for Tantalizing Tuesday. I have the next 200 words between Yuki and Eiko. There are more fantastic teases on the Blog.

Eiko licked her glistening fingers, covered in Yuki’s wetness. That made Yuki hunger for Eiko’s moist and earthy taste, surely it was similar to her scent. Pulling Eiko to the futon, she slid down.
“Yuki-chan!” She grabbed Yuki to pull her back up, but Yuki pulled apart Eiko’s swollen lips to lick from her pussy up to her clit. Eiko tasted even better than Yuki had expected. After only a moment, she returned to licking inside Eiko, over Eiko and eventually up Eiko, dragging her tongue over the center of her body, between her breasts.
Eiko’s breath was heavy and her eyes hooded when Yuki came close enough to kiss. Their lips missed and Eiko kissed Yuki’s neck while Yuki kissed her ear. Eiko held Yuki’s fingers to her sex at the same time as sinking her own into Yuki.
“Come with me,” she said. Doing just that, Yuki sank into a warm wet puddle next to her satisfied lover. They lay on their sides, gazing into one another’s eyes, until Yuki stomach grumbled, making them both laugh. Neither dressed, pulling on robes and sitting together to eat their cold supper.