Friday 20 May 2016

Flasher Fiction Friday - Fanfiction!

This week's photo reminded me of a scene I'd written in my Twilight FanFiction days. I've edited it a bit to get it to 100 words. If you're interested in the full scene, one of the first I'd written since high school, you can find it here. Make sure you check out all the other fantastic flash pieces based on the same picture.

He crouched a little in the water and kissed my collar bone and the tops of my breasts. My breathing became ragged. Was he burning for this like I was? Meeting his lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck and crossed my legs behind him.
"You're sure?" he asked, his lips still touching mine.
I didn't answer, but instead pushed myself down on him. I knew there would be pain but didn't expect so little. Then I could think of nothing else, because he was in me.
"Is this all right?" Please say yes please say yes please say yes.