Wednesday 25 May 2016

#MidWeekTease Blue Moon House - Vampire #paranormal #erotic

Welcome back to the MidWeekTease. I'm still offering snippets from the sixth Blue Moon House book. Today I have a m/m encounter when Nicholas puts himself out with the whores of the house.

Rather than stand with the johns  , he leaned on the wall near Doreen, eyes wandering over the crowd. He thought his expression spoke his intent. One by one, he undressed each man in his mind. After six, a man came forward.
“Are you... Do you work here?”
“I’d hardly call it work,” Nick answered, grinning. “But, you might pay for me as you would the others.”
The man didn’t look back and some of the faces behind him were shocked, scandalized. Others looked at him anew, considering.
“I would like that,” he said, nodding to Doreen. “If I may?”
Doreen, unused to the position of madam, was slow to respond. “Of course. Um... Nicholas. The third room on the right?”
He nodded and walked ahead of his john, making no move to touch him. The man seemed a little confused as Nick opened the door, but once the door closed, any uncertainty evaporated with Nicholas’ kiss. He pressed the man into the door, his lips eager, his hand sliding over the man’s side, neck, and into his hair.
He paused long enough to say, “I’m Nick.”
“Gerald,” the man croaked. Then his hands took hold of Nick’s lapels, pulling him into another kiss. Nick’s hand slid back down, over Gerald’s hip, and covered the curve of a buttock. Breaking the kiss with an audible smack, he jerked Gerald’s hips toward his own, their matching erections crushed against one another.
“I haven’t been with a man in months,” Gerald admitted. “I’m not sure I remember how.”
Nicholas tilted his hips, rubbing one phallus against the other. Gerald’s eyes closed and his head tipped back against the door. “I think you’ll be surprised what you remember.”
Gerald’s hand gripped Nick’s waist, struggling to remain upright while keeping Nick from moving away. Nick had no plans to do that. Instead, he turned with the other man until Gerald’s thighs bumped the bed behind him. He sat heavily, his balance gone. Nick took advantage of the lack to tuck his fingers down the front of Gerald’s pants, brushing his erection with his fingertips.
“Fuck, yes.” Gerald fumbled with his belt, eager to discard the troublesome clothing. Nicholas let him, stepping out of his own garments with an economy of movement. Knees pressed into the mattress, Nick straddled Gerald’s hips as his trousers fell to the floor. Lifting the other man’s shirt, Nick’s erection slipped under it, laying   against Gerald’s belly. He rocked forward, moving his cock against the other man’s skin while removing the shirt to expose a dark, wiry hair-covered chest.
Gerald’s cock slid up behind Nick’s, nudging his balls and brushing the bottom of his ass. Nick’s movements teased himself, letting the hot prick poke at his asshole but not enter. With Gerald’s shirt removed, Nicholas resumed kissing him, fingers lost in the hair of his head and chest.