Tuesday 10 May 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Eager is good! #Japanese #Lesbian

Thanks for stopping in for Tantalizing Tuesday. I have the next 200 words between Yuki and Eiko. There are more fantastic teases on the Blog.

Yuki washed her hands and face before leaving to meet Eiko at the park. Eiko was as eager as Yuki to return to her apartment, so they picked up food rather than eating in a restaurant. The food got cold while Yuki undressed Eiko in her apartment’s doorway, only moving toward her bedroom when they were both down to underwear.
Eiko giggled and tickled Yuki when their kisses broke. “I know what you want,” she said.
Yuki froze, afraid she’d been too obvious, made the wrong choice. However, Eiko’s hand tugging her toward the bedroom took that fear away. She giggled too and toppled onto the mat beside Eiko, teasing along the top edge of her lacy red bra.
Eiko reached around to unfasten Yuki’s plain white bra, slipping it down her shoulders and sucking on one of Yuki’s nipples. Yuki sighed in pleasure and held Eiko’s face to her chest, trying to hug her rather than smother her. Eiko pushed her down and continued to suck one breast while fondling the other. Yuki reached to the side for her new toy and surprised Eiko. She rubbed the metal bullet into Eiko’s matching red panties before turning it on.