Friday 13 May 2016

#FlashFiction #Flasherfictionfriday - Torment

I'm one of several authors writing exactly 100 words based on this photograph. Mine is rather dark, sorry. You can read all the flashers by visiting our blog.

Jamie imagined hot sand burning her feet until she waded into the surf and foam. A sea urchin slipped her notice and stung her, making her scream.
Blinking away tears, she focused. She squinting against the bright sun, feeling it sear her shoulders, making her wince and flinch.
Shaking her head, and biting her lip, she held her breath until the heat passed. Her vision filled with the image of her escape.
A man blocked her view. She wouldn’t meet his eyes, staring at his erection, her next torment.
“You can end this.”
Jamie imagined hot sand burning her feet.