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Ready for a Wicked Wednesday for your MidWeekTease? Here's an excerpt from Ethereal Protector

Feed your paranormal cravings!

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#paranormal #witches #salem #pnr #romance #preorder #giveaway #limitedtime

He picked up the check and once they were outside, pulled her close, into a hug. His deep green eyes peered down into hers and he bent nearer. She pursed her lips, closing her eyes.
Warm lips met her own, firm and full. With his hands on her hips, he pulled her up, cupping her ass, until she stood on tip-toes. When her head started to spin, she was grateful for his steadying hand. His lips parted and an echo of supper, the mint he grabbed with the check, sent a cool stream of air over her tongue. Summer drank in his kiss, inhaling the mint, his tongue, his very soul. She wished for a moment she had Mary’s knowledge so she could compel him to kiss her like this forever.
He broke the kiss and Summer set her forehead on his shoulder, gathering herself. “We should probably get going,” he suggested, taking slow steps that gave her time to straighten and follow. “I’m sure we can find another dark corner later.”
“Good.” At least she had something to look forward to after surviving the party. It wasn’t simply because it invaded her house that Summer didn’t have fun at Halloween, she just wasn’t a good party goer. She didn’t like large, loud crowds.
Duncan kept her close, introducing her to his friends. They all seemed happy to meet her, and unlike Gwen or Ember, still enjoyed spending time with him. The last of her concerns slipped away. No wonder they’d liked him so much, he was careful to include her, to move her away from people she didn’t feel comfortable with and towards others that were closer to her in age and personality. How had he gotten to know her so well? Or was she just that easy to read?
Whatever the case, she stayed at the party far longer than she would otherwise and was surprised when he suggested leaving. It was only then that she glanced at a clock and discovered it was past midnight.
“Let me walk you home,” he said, guiding her toward the door.
“Bye!” Summer called to some of her new acquaintances, a few of which she would call tomorrow or Monday.
Duncan kept close by her side, reaching around her waist and putting her hand on his hip. They bumped into one another as they walked. Something nagged at Summer, but it never came to anything, never fully formed. All she could think was how much she had enjoyed the night.
On her door step, she reached up and pulled him down for another deep kiss. She clung to his collar, not letting him back away. “I could come inside,” he managed to whisper between her attacks.
Summer found her key and opened the door. The house was quiet; so quiet she could just make out Paige’s snoring. “Shh, everyone’s asleep.”
They tiptoed up the stairs, which creaked but didn’t rouse anyone. In her room, Duncan was quick to join her on the bed, sliding one hand up her shorts and the other under her shirt.
At first, Summer reveled in it, loving how his fingers felt on her skin, how hot she became. She’d only had sex once before, but this rush was familiar.
She broke their kiss and he moved seamlessly to her ear, pressing more of his body against hers. His hand fumbled at his waist, opening his fly.
No longer completely comfortable with how quickly she was moving, how this seemed headed straight to intercourse, Summer knew she had to get the reins back. She planted her hands on his chest. “Duncan, slow down.”
“You feel so good.” He moaned as his hand covered her breast, catching her nipple between his fingers. He pinched, pulling it slightly.