Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #japanese #lesbian #kitsune Fin

This one is a bit under 200 words, but it's the end of the story! I have a whole set of scenes from Eiko's POV, but I originally wrote it from Yuki's POV and I think the surprise discovery is better than seeing behind the scenes. Comment and let me know if you'd like me to post those. Otherwise, next Tuesday will be a new Japanese tale!

"I’m all yours.”
“But what about when you’re not?” Yuki argued.
“Then I will see that you are somewhere that is comfortable and safe. How is that?”
Yuki thought of her mother and her brief visit. She wouldn’t want to miss class again, but it would be good to go home when Eiko couldn’t be here. And the rest of the time, they would spend together. That was what sustained Yuki, what made her decision inevitable. “That is fine. I love you, Eiko-chan, and I will do anything to stay with you.”

Eiko sat in wonder on her nine tails. It had only been a season since she received her second and was deemed a sufficient illusionist to mix with humans. Since then she had made love to a human, created a burrow for disguise, held a human without consent, and risen above the kitsune who was to be her guide. She had fallen in love with human, released her even after she knew who and what Eiko was. Finally, in a feat no kitsune can do alone, she won Yuki’s trust and love in return.