Wednesday, 12 October 2016

#MidWeekTease WIP Strip Tease

Happy Wednesday! Instead of sharing one of my published pieces, I thought I'd give you a snippet from a piece I'm writing for a Valentine's holiday set.

"Did she tell you I can't dance?"
I laughed now. Diane had told me about Lisa's ineptitude on the dance floor. "I'd forgotten, but yes. Shake it, Clark."
She shook her head and flipped me off. It was only the second time I'd seen Lisa Clark, but from all Diane's stories, and just a few hours in her presence, it was like we'd been friends forever. She knew as much about me, I was certain.
Diane turned from the thumping subwoofer. "Stop stalling. Strip."
Lisa frowned. She crossed her arms and Diane raised her brow. "Are you declining the dare?"
"Fine." She twirled her hips once pulling her shirt quickly over her head.
"Tease, Lisa. Strip tease. You can do better than this," Diane taunted her.
She sighed and came back to me at the table. I was a little surprised when she bent in front of me, her ass less than an inch from my knees. She slipped her socks off while bent double and straightened, flipping her hair in my face. I was a little startled, but Lisa wasn't deterred. She reached up to unclip her bra and slid it slowly down each arm. She turned, holding the undergarment to her chest, giving me a great view of her cleavage. She nudged my feet apart to stand between my knees as she straightened fully, her breasts just below my eyes as she pulled the lacy fabric away.
I licked my lips, feeling aroused and awkward. Her breasts were larger than Di's, her nipples pinker and much smaller. I raised a hand without thinking, but Lisa turned before I could cop a feel. Her hair brushed my face and I sank back with a sigh. Diane was giggling, obviously enjoying both Lisa's show and my discomfort. Lisa's back was to me again as she unfastened her pants, her ass sticking out between my knees. She wore a thong that left me a full view of her round asscheeks. Holding her hands to her thighs, she looked over her shoulder. "Like the view?" she asked.
"Yes," I croaked, and both ladies laughed.