Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sexy in History ~ Ethereal Protector @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS162

Summer is reliving her ancestors life in Ethereal Protector, here are seven sexy paragraphs from her own family history!

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She smiled and leaned down to his head. After a quick peck, he rose onto his knees, his hands on her back to pull her closer.
Summer let him have his way for several minutes, the kisses moving from simple meetings of lips to much longer, luxurious exchanges. He was eager to learn and took each new kiss as an opportunity to improve.
When his hands tried to reach under her skirt, however, Summer knew she had to put a halt to it. “Not that, Geoffrey. Not yet. Next solstice, remember?”
“I remember.” His words were breathy and she had to admit, her inhalations were rough as well until she caught her breath. “I will marry you, Mary Parker, and keep you safe until then and many years after.”
She squeezed his hands and moved with him to the door. “Until then, please, do not rouse more suspicion!” With a nudge, she pushed him outside and pulled her door shut. Leaning her back on the wood planks, she touched her lips and her breast, which still rose and fell more quickly than normal. “Oh, Summer, don’t get yourself sucked in.”
The strangeness of hearing her own name disrupted the vision and sent Summer into a spiral of confusion that only dissipated when she woke in the second story room, down the hall from the snoring Paige.