Wednesday, 30 November 2016

#MidWeekTease Old Flame Burns Again #menage

I have a story in the upcoming Valentine's boxed set, A Valentine for Two. It's a set of menage stories and mine is F/F/M. Lisa was Diane's first sexual partner, experimenting in college. Now Diane is married to Ben and they are fanning old flames.

"Truth," I spluttered.
"Lisa, why don't you ask?"
"Um... What was your first thought when Diane told you about her and me?"
"That's the first question? Where do they go from here?"
"Your pants," Diane answered, giggling as the alcohol hit her system.
"Yeah," I muttered. "First thought." I tried to remember; they had been racing. "Well, at least he wasn't bigger than me."
Both ladies burst out laughing. Diane pounded her feet on the floor, tipping her head back, letting out high pitched peals. Lisa folded her arms on the table and laughed into them, her low guffaws muted. "No, I'm not bigger than you. Too funny."
"Next shot!" Diane declared pouring them out.
"What?" I asked in amazement. "We don't each ask before the next round?"
"Yeah, Di, don't make us all sick before we get to have fun," Lisa agreed. "You pick, Ben."
Hmmm, which one? "Diane, Truth or Dare?"
"Dare!" she shouted, then covered her mouth. "How many beers did I have?"
"Three," I told her. "You're going under the table first." Lisa laughed with me at that. "This isn't much of a dare, but kiss Lisa. Tongue preferred," I said with a stupid smile.
Diane stuck hers out at me.
"Nope, doesn't count," I told her.
Lisa laughed again, grabbing Diane's chin and turning it to her. I watched the two kiss. Their lips were both gentle. Somehow, I expected it to be more forceful, pushing each other on, but it wasn't. It was sweet. And there was tongue exchanged.
Diane sighed when the kiss broke. "I forgot how good these are. Of course, I like you better sweet than sour," she teased, squirting lemon on her friend.
"Heh, find me something sweeter to suck," she retorted.
"Don't look at me," I joked, and they both laughed.