Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sexy at Sea ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS167

I don't have a good "Sexy in the Sky" story, so I'm snipping 7 from Blue Moon House Investor, specifically, the sexy times had at sea. I hope you enjoy! Warning: it's a scorcher!

“Can you take two at once?” Nicholas asked, pulling Sophia's hair to one side.
She smiled and tucked her chin, rubbing her nose on his. “You know I can.” She shifted and slid over Terrance, making him arch and thrust his hips up into her. Both moaned.
“Here we are then,” Lynn said, kneeling astride his face. “Do your worst,” she teased.
“Happily,” he answered, his fingers reaching up to spread her moist lips apart. As it had so often since boarding, the motion of the ship was unnoticeable to him, as though the rocking were normal. Now, however, it was exactly what he wanted, moving him, and his partners, as he wished.
Lynn's weight shifted, his tongue sliding over her skin as she rocked with the ocean they sailed on. Sophia used the same rhythm to drive herself deeper on his cock. Lift and fall, lift and fall. Seasickness had been a problem for Kate, but so far, Terrance had done nothing but enjoy the rocking.
He lay beneath the two women, covered, smothered and utterly content. His cock ached to come in Sophia, though the urgency had left with their kisses. Sophia leaned forward, her hands on his chest. Terrance wondered what she was doing until he felt something moving along him, moving inside her.
“What?” he asked, his words muffled.
“Relax,” Lynn murmured.