Sunday, 20 November 2016

#WeWriWa #Sunday8 Blue Moon House Sophia

Thought I'd give you a few lines from my current work in progress for my Sunday 8.

One of the men in the kitchen bumped up against Sophia and smiled as his gaze slipped down the front of her dress. “Pardon.”
“Henri, yes?” The same man had tripped over her before, distracted while examining her figure.
“I-I hope I didn’t offend.”
“Not at all. Perhaps we’ll run into one another again, after my lady goes to bed?”
“Y-yes, t-thank you.” He hurried off and Louise couldn’t help but make a joke at his expense.
“I hope he doesn’t trip over his pants as he does his words.”

Make sure you read all the others! Weekend Writing Warriors!


  1. lol. Delightful. I take it he likes what he sees. :-)

  2. Julie Evelyn Joyce20 November 2016 at 07:47

    Hee! How I love it when a man trips over his tongue. Again, that cover is just...guh. Can't stop starting at it. lol

  3. Last line made me chuckle.Love that he was so tongue-tied.

  4. It's easy to see which of them is dominant in this relationship.

  5. At first I thought she was being cruel, laughing at him. After reading the other comments, I guess I read it wrong.

  6. Something interesting is starting to happen between these two. Great snippet

  7. As someone who had to take a speech class in first grade--though not for stutter, her comment seems a little mean.

  8. He seems a little overawed by her. Love the cover.

  9. I guess she made quite an impression!


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