Sunday, 13 November 2016

#WeWriWa #Sunday8 Winter's Embrace #paranormal #romance You're Not My Type

I thought I'd share another snip from Winter's Embrace again today for Weekend Writing Warriors. This is a little further into the story, after Grey takes Verte to the Winter court. They have just settled into their suite when one of Grey's sisters arrives.

Verte knew her cheeks were coloring again.
“Isn't that amazing?” Bianca said, touching Verte's cheek.
Grey nodded. “Just like a human.”
Bianca's cold hand caressed Verte's cheek. Her magic seemed to be locked away, so Verte smiled, glad someone was friendly. Everyone so far had been as icy as their home. When Bianca leaned forward to kiss her, however, Verte leaned back and looked around the princess to her husband.
He chuckled and shook his head. “I'm afraid you're not her type.”
Bianca looked over her shoulder, glancing up and down at her brother. “And you are?”

Bianca makes me giggle. Read all the other Sunday 8s by hopping over to WeWriWa


  1. Sibling rivalry, indeed. Cute snippet. :)

  2. Sibling rivalry, or incestuous thoughts? Hmm.

  3. Sibling rivalry afoot here. Great snippet

  4. Very interesting. This could get very complicated.

  5. Verte doesn't seem to be in a great situation here, but so far Bianca seems to be taking that wordless rejection okay. Makes me wonder how exactly Verte is seen--other than not 'human.'

  6. Seems like it could get complicated. Look forward to finding out.

  7. Oh dear, this will get complicated fast. ;)

  8. Bianca doesn't miss a beat. Love it!

  9. I agree with Amy. This can get complicated in a hurry.


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