Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dynamic Destiny - New WIP for #MidWeekTease

Happy Wednesday! How is the second week of September treating you? As promised, I'm moving off Swan Lake and onto a new WIP. It is intended as a follow-up to Cardiac Melody. No cross-over, but another BDSM medical romance. Here's a taste:

Her mask went on last. She had two plain black ones, but selected the red with feathers for tonight. She wanted more flash. Before heading out the door on stiletto heels, she donned a trench coat that would hide her for the short distance from the parking lot to the club. 
Taking a deep breath, Destiny pulled on Mistress D, pushing her higher than any other position in her life could. She commanded here. Control belonged to her.
Stepping into the light of the club, she drew some eyes but not many. Although the night was young, several public scenes were on display. 
“Mistress D.” A fellow Dominant, Chuck, greeted her with an air kiss.
“Charles.” She looked past him to his companion.
Fighting to keep Mistress in place, Destiny cursed this intersection of her day job with her lifestyle. Dr. Edgerton could make her life miserable, but here, she was the one who made others squirm.
She watched him for some sign of recognition, but none came.
Chuck followed her gaze. “Oh, this is Jeremy. He’s curious.” Chuck stepped aside to allow the doctor to extend his hand.
Mistress examined it before grasping. She held tight, making it clear she accepted the shake although she could refuse. He had no power over her. Even so, she dropped his hand after a second. “Excuse me.”
She walked away, careful not to look back, despite her raging curiosity. 

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