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Author Spotlight
Wicked Perfection
Magen McMinimy

“Luck has given Malea a second chance at what she’s always wanted, but destiny has thrown something extra in the mix.” "Two in love can be sinful, but three is Wicked Perfection."

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When Malea’s best friend, roommate, and infatuation is arrested, tried, and convicted, she’s left alone. What she once loved about their cozy little apartment in chilly, fog-ridden, Northern California turns out to be too much for her still-aching heart. With her budding career as an author, Malea can go anywhere, and no place sounds better than the warmth and spice of The Big Easy. 

They say time heals, but it’s been over three years of Malea spending her time working, and searching for a connection to help her forget the only man she ever loved—unrequited as it may have been—the pain still stings as loneliness settles against her heart.

When the Quarter fills with laughter and music in celebration of Mardi Gras, will Malea find what she needs in the crowded streets of the French Quarter? Or will an unexpected encounter change the game completely? As they say, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler… 


Malea’s fingers plucked at some gold beads hanging around Ty’s neck. “I still want those,” she said over the music and roaring crowd.
“You have to earn beads like this.” He winked.
“How does she earn them?” Josh asked over her shoulder, his hands resting on her hips.
Ty’s smile turned positively wicked as he tapped his lips with one finger. “Plant those pouty little lips right here, Lea, and you can have the beads.”
Was he kidding? Challenging her? Testing her?
With a shrug of one shoulder and confidence built of the drinks she’d already consumed, she pressed against him and planted her lips on his—for what she intended to be a simple peck.
Ty’s fingers slid into her hair, tilting her head to deepen what should have been a chaste connection. His tongue swept over her lips, and dove into her mouth when they parted in surprise. Pushing closer to her, he backed her into Josh’s chest.
Shock flitted briefly through her as Ty kissed her deeply, and Josh’s hands reached around her to grasp Ty’s hips and pull them tighter together. The move didn’t faze Ty as his tongue continued to tempt and ravish her mouth. Her tongue sprang to life, meeting his in a dizzying dance of need.
Ty broke the kiss with a smile. His lips remained only a breath away from hers. “Too fucking long, Lea… I have waited too fucking long to do that.”
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and nervously worried it. He chuckled, pecking her lips again, and transferred the golden beads over her head before stepping back. “You two ready to head to Night Sinners?”
Almost robotically, she nodded. Ty turned and started to make his way through the crowd. Josh placed his hand on her back and began ushering her forward.
She looked up at him. “What just happened?”
He smiled. “He’s cared about you for as long as I’ve known him… I guess he finally decided to do something about it.”
“And you were just, what? Helping a friend out?” she asked, curious about his role in the heated kiss she and Ty had just shared.
“That’s a complicated situation.”
“I’ve heard you say that before,” Malea pushed.
“Talk to Ty,” was all he said as he focused on weaving them through the crowd.
Malea’s eyes widened, and she stopped dead in her tracks. Grasping his arm and pulling him to a stop, and asked softly, “You and Ty?”
Josh arched a brow and hesitated before saying, “Would that matter to you?”
She shook her head. “Of course not—whatever makes you both happy. I am fine with… I just… Why did he kiss me, especially in front of you? I’m sorry.”
Josh chuckled. “Don’t mistake what just happened. He wants you, and so do I.”
Malea just stared at him—dumbfounded. What kind of hot fantasy had she fallen into?
“Don’t look so surprised, Malea. Ty and I are not traditional. We both want you, and we are both good with that. Really, it depends on what you want.”
What she wants?
Looking into the gorgeous, melted-chocolate pools that were Josh’s beautiful, warm irises, she was so damn confused. In the short time she had known him, her attraction had grown so deep that she found herself aching to be near him… and fuck her, but it was just as powerful as the draw she felt for Ty… what did she want? Could she bow to the desire and passion that fueled her body? That inspired her creativity? Could she give herself to both men?

Author Spotlight:

Hey guys, it’s me, Magen, are we ready to talk books? I’m excited to share some stuff with you and I promise to keep it mostly short, and not take too much of your time!

Hello and welcome! How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I published my first novel in 2010, though I was writing long before that. I’ve always been the kind of person who loved telling stories—even if only to amuse myself—one day I decided to finally start writing them down.

How did you come up with this storyline?
Ooh, well this was a different kind of story for me, most of my writing is paranormal romance, and fantasy. I’d dabbled in contemporary and was asked to join a group of authors for a holiday release. I was joining some incredibly talented writers, but most of them wrote erotica. So, I took the opportunity to truly stretch my capabilities and dive into a graphic world of an alternative relationship that was still based on a truly deep love.   
What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
I think that in any job there are highs and lows and when you are fortunate enough to treat your writing as a career it is no different. I love giving voice to my characters, I love when people connect to them. That’s what makes each day of writing worth it. My least favorite part is editing… I hate it, I know how important it is, but I still hate when I have to sit here for hours reworking something, going through each and every change my editor has made… it’s truly awful!

What inspires you to write?
Love, sounds corny, right? But it’s true, you will not find a story of mine that doesn’t come down to a really beautiful love story—well I believe they are beautiful and hope it translates to the readers—but I like to give people an escape and something to make their hearts happy, make them feel something, sometimes even to make them cry. So, I guess maybe people inspire me to write love stories.

How did you conduct your research for Wicked Perfection?
Well since the back drop is Mardi Gras and all the vibrancy of New Orleans, I did a lot of internet searches about the krewes, and the parades, and the meaning of the colors. I also searched a lot of places and images in the city. Definitely made me want to take a trip there.

What are 2 of your favorite quotes from Wicked Perfection?
Quote 1:
Malea looked to Josh, who shook his head. “Do you have any idea what you just got yourself into?”
“You’re the wildcard in this situation. I know damn well what he’s like to live with.”
Josh’s lips curled in a sinfully sensual smile. “He’s the saint—I’m the sin.” He winked and headed out of the door.
Heat pooled low in Malea’s body… what the hell was she stepping into?

Quote 2:
…what did she want? Could she bow to the desire and passion that fueled her body? That inspired her creativity? Could she give herself to both men?
All just give you those two, since they are little more than a single quote.

What would your friends say is your best quality?  
I don’t really know, you’d have to ask them. Though whether you like it not, most people would say I’m pretty damn honest.

Are reader reviews important to you? Why?
To an extent, yes. When I first started publishing I would read them all the time. I think they provided and insight into what I was doing that people liked and what wasn’t working. However, I don’t tend to look at them much anymore. They matter to me now, because I understand what role reviews play in marketing.

What do you do when you don’t write? 
Oh my goodness, I’m a first time mom to a little guy who will be one very soon. He is curious and smart, and does things that amaze and make me smile every day. I didn’t think it possible to love anything as much as love that adorable blue-eyed boy… Kind of makes me teary as I talk about him. That little guy is everything to me. My life consists of my family, creating a loving home for my son and husband, and raising my son to be a smart, kind, strong, caring man someday. It’s amazing. I could honestly go on and on. But I won’t lol.

Tell us about your other books?
I have written over 27 books… I won’t tell you about all of them but you can totally check out my website, I have a couple freebies too. What I will say is that I have two major series that are paranormal. One is based in Greek and Norse mythology and is about the fae. While the other is a vampire series with witches, and shifters. Then I have a trilogy that is new adult fantasy with lots of creatures, like dragons, fairies, and mermaids.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
That I love hearing from them. Does that surprise anyone? No, yeah I didn’t think it would. I’m a pretty simple person. I work hard, I love my family. Some days I struggle with the way of the world and other days there is nothing that can get me down.

Thanks for listening to me plug my books and talk about my kid. It was fun and I hope you enjoy the set and fall for those crazy characters of mine!

Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing us to the book, the work and the woman!

About the Author:

Magen was born in Northern California, but now resides in the beautiful city of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho with her husband, and miracle baby, Austin. She started writing as a hobby, and is thankful every day she is able to remain home and raise her son while crafting worlds for her readers to get lost in.
“Life is a constant balance of what we want and what we need. I choose to try and love and cherish every minute that I get to chase my crazy dreams.” 

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