Wednesday 20 September 2017

#MidWeekTease WIP Dynamic Destiny

Thank you all for your lovely comments last week. Here is another snippet from the same piece. How about something from the doctor's POV?

Jeremy followed Chuck’s lead.
“You should check this club out. I could see girls lining up for you to spank.”
He hadn’t fully digest the image of spanking a grown woman. He knew the basics about BDSM, the broad strokes, but hadn’t explored it. He had a hard time maintaining any kind of relationship, before adding any kink. 
As Chuck stepped aside, the spanking of a grown woman became a full color, five-sense reality. A guy in a business suit, less the jacket, had a half-dressed woman across his lap. She cried and kicked when his hand landed on her cherry-pink bottom with a solid smack. His own hand stung in sympathy and the smell of sweat and sex filled his flaring nostrils.
That last probably wasn’t solely produced by the couple. Sex and sweat could be the theme for this place.
“See anything you like?” Chuck asked, grin broad.
“Uh, yeah.” He hadn’t decided what he liked, but his cock was definitely up for the night’s activities. Lukcily these pants had a bit of room in them, so his raging hard on wasn’t painful, yet. As they passed a naked woman who was in the throes of a very loud orgasm, he thought he might start aching before long.
Chuck looked down and smirked. “I’m sure we can find someone to help you with that. Oh, Dawn, perfect. You’ll like her. Dawn?”
The brunette he addressed was behind a naturally short blonde, elevated several inches by her shoes. The hollow of her spine slipping down behind her corset made Jeremy take notice of her creamy tan skin, dark against platinum locks.
Chuck continued to address the brunette and Jeremy shifted his gaze. “Would you be willing to play with both of us?” Chuck asked.
“Oh.” Dawn’s gaze shifted to the woman who had turned enough to let Jeremy see her profile. She held herself differently from Dawn and most of the women in the club. He guessed she wasn’t a submissive. Domme? Dominatrix? He’d ask Chuck later. His eyes traced the side of the mask she wore, one of only two in the club that he had seen. Her breasts, shaped by her corset, drew his attention and while he was still admiring her shapely legs, he got another great view of her backside, perky and round, uncovered by the thong she wore beneath her garter.
“Sure,” Dawn answered, smiling at Jeremy, who snapped his attention to her and away from the masked woman. 

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