Saturday 27 October 2012

Abby Hayes - Fights in Summer

I'd like to welcome a fellow Naughty Night Press author today — Abby Hayes. Before you ask, no, she is not in middle school, that's a different Abby. When did your first book publish? Was it with Naughty Nights Press?

My first single story release was with NNP in Dec of 2011, a novella called Finding Paradise.

How has your writing changed since then? Have you moved to new arenas?

Not sure my writing has changed as much as the content I'm writing about. Finding Paradise started off with a lot of different sexual situations touched on from m/f/m to m/f/m/f and everything in between plus a bunch of sexual fantasies. In novellas since, I've branched out, touched on different scenarios and fantasies in more depth, pushed the envelope for myself with each story.

Do you feel more confident with each subsequent release? Can you see your audience growing?

Yes on both accounts. The more you do anything, I guess the more confident you get, but I've been lucky to see my sales increase with each story and I have wonderful support at NNP.

What are the real perks of publishing with Naughty Nights? Why should every erotica writer want them at their back?

I have my own reasons, of course. ;) Gina Kincade is just trustworthy and goes above and beyond when you need her. I have heard horror stories with other publishers, and no such things have happened with NNP. Although no publishing house is immune of problems, with NNP the authors brought them on themselves, and Gina was nothing but kind and professional in these situations. I was very impressed.

Your blog is obviously not where you spend your time. What is your primary avenue for promotion?

No *sighs* being a college kid, I have a heavy schedule with classes and work. I barely sleep, so when I do have time, I am on Facebook.

Do you find your writing cycles with your college schedule?

Of course. I'm at the end of my college career, so courses are harder and more time consuming and definitely dictate my time.

Do your classmates know about your writing? Are you able to do promotion there? I would...

Nope, not at all. Let's just say with my major, I kind of live two very separate lives. Even when writing, they think I'm doing homework LOL

You remind me of the soccer mom who writes erotica during the games! There's multi-tasking. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Abby.

In addition to many anthology credits, Abby Hayes is the author of Dream Job, Finding Paradise, Seeing Red and her most recent release, The Fights of Summer.