Monday, 15 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - Cloaked in Black

It's Tuesday! That means 200 word teaser and fabulous pictures to accompany them. I have something magical today. Check out the other great teases on the blog.
Where did her power come from? She hadn’t paused as recently or as long as he had to gather more from her partner. She didn’t look real anymore. She was as naked as the last two times he had seen her, as beautiful and mysterious as all women were, but something was different about her. She was wrapped in a darkness even his magic couldn’t penetrate.

“Lara, what happened to you?”

“You did, John. You and our son. You must be the reason I didn’t get to keep him. You must pay.”

“Pay? You’ve taken Richard. You’ve killed so many, Lara. Doesn’t your life energy die with them?”

He had been careful to choose a rocky point to stand on, but the few weeds poking through rose at her command, latching onto him. “I can’t take enough to get him back.”

“I’m sorry, Lara. Take me. Leave the others.”

“No, I don’t want you!” The plants threw him to the ground at her feet. She bent to touch him and her darkness filled him. “I want you to take this and go.”

Overcome by the grief of the woman he loved, the only woman he’d known, John began to weep.