Monday 1 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Big Bed

Another snip from my prequel to Blue Moon House. Jocelyn is credited with the idea of joining their beds to provide proper furniture for their nightly orgy. Read all the other great 200 word teases at

“A sheet?” Sophia asked, taking one of the far corners.

“Yes. I thought it was silly for you to keep breaking into groups when none of you wanted that. Now, you have one bed big enough for everyone.” She pulled on the fitted the sheet. “There. Perfect.” She stepped back, sitting in one of the chairs where she could touch herself and watch them play. She started hiking up her skirt, waiting.

The vampires regarded one another. Then Will picked her up and dropped her on the bed. Perching on her hands and knees, she looked around at them. “What?”

“Remove that,” Sophia said, pointing. “I don't want it in my way.”

Will obliged, pulling her dress up and free. Jocelyn curled up a little at the sudden attack. Will and Sophia weren't alone, however. Nicholas licked his lips and dove for her side, biting into her neck. Terrance took hold of her face, turning her toward his crotch. Will was lifting her again, and she felt feminine hands on her legs though all she could see was Terrance, standing erect. She opened her mouth, unsure she could satiate them all at once. She was more than willing to try.