Thursday, 4 October 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday - Fateful

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“Are you ready? Peter is on his way to the church.”

Caroline sat in her window seat, posing for the photographer. Her friends and sister wore their blue dresses. It was time to go.

The photographer agreed. “All done. I’ll be right behind you,” she promised, running out to snap shots while they piled in the limo.

Caroline’s phone rang as her dad held the door for her. She had a small handbag on her shoulder that Kim was going to keep track of throughout the day.

She stopped dead and covered her mouth. “No.”

Accident on Knox. Come quick.


  1. What's happened? Who's hurt? Aw come on, you have to turn this into a longer story, I'm on tenterhooks here. Great flasher!

  2. No! Tell me somebody ran over a cat! Loved the build up and the picture you painted.

  3. OH! You're terrible! :D I love it, you've got my mind winding in all kinds of different directions. The title is Fateful, hmm. So intriguing. Fab flash.

  4. Okay, I'm not going to jump to conclusions here. I'll just believe everything's going to be okay. Awesome tease!

  5. What an ending to a great flash. My heart caught in my throat when her phone rang. I had a bad feeling even before I read the last few lines. I want to know what happens next.


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