Monday, 22 October 2012

#bloghop #giveaway - Wicked After Dark!

Wicked After Dark... are vampires more wicked after dark or during the day when they are trapped inside? I suppose it depends on whether or not their prey come to them willingly. If you have a tasty human in your home, why wouldn't you enjoy them through the daylight hours? In Blue Moon House, most of the wickedness comes after dark because that's when the humans are available to come, to spend hours in the arms of their vampire master.

To tempt you, draw you in, keep you with me until the sun rises, I'm offering a tidbit from Jocelyn's prequel to Blue Moon House. Then, when you've caught your breath, you can enter for a copy of Blue Moon House or Campus Sexpoits 3 (winner's choice).

“Actually, you will clean that up,” she said with a confident smile.

Jocelyn's annoyance must have been clear on her face, but Sophia's expression didn't change. She stood watching, waiting. Gritting her teeth, Jocelyn wondered if they didn't have staff for this sort of thing. It was a fine house, the must have money. But no, they can get their lovers to cook and clean. Why should they hire anyone? She didn't say anything, but Sophia slapped her bottom while Jocelyn was bent over. Her hand landed squarely between Jocelyn's legs and made her jump. That was the oddest sensation. It hurt, but she was aroused. She put a little more effort into moving the damp towel over the floor. She swapped at one point, to get a dry one. Sophia took the moment to land another smack. Jocelyn shuddered, tingling along the hand print.

“More?” Sophia asked, her hand cupping Jocelyn, rubbing her. “Maybe some of what Lucy got?” Her fingers slid into Jocelyn, twisting to turn her palm down. Jocelyn shifted on her hands and knees, not entirely sure what to expect.

Sophia curled her fingers inside and used her other hand to rub Jocelyn's clit. It all built so quickly, Jocelyn couldn't quite believe it. Usually it took a little bit of foreplay for her to change gears, but Sophia had her ready to orgasm in seconds. Her belly felt hard, full, and when Sophia used the hand not stroking to press down on Jocelyn's pubic bone, the girl's eyes bugged out. There was a splashing sound as heat spread from Jocelyn's sex to her head and toes in one combustive burst.

She screamed with it and then pulled her knees up to her chest, curling into a ball. Her entire body felt like it was on edge. It reminded her of the last fever she had, every breath of wind, every hair, was heightened by her sensitivity. She shook and shivered, waiting for the sensation to pass.

It did in a few moments. When she had a hold of herself again, she saw Sophia using a towel to wipe the stream on the floor.

Jocelyn seized the towel, needing to know what was in that ejaculate. Where did it come from? What purpose did it have?

Sophia seized Jocelyn's hair and her neck was bent back. “That was impolite, love.”

“A-apologies, Mistress,” Jocelyn squeaked.

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