Thursday 11 October 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday - Right and Wrong

As with other Flasher Fiction Fridays, we each write 100 words to fit the same picture. Find the other entries on the main blog.

“Beautiful,” Billy murmurs, covering my neck in kisses. My body resists. “It’s okay, honey. Everything is just right.”

It isn’t right — he isn’t my husband. My traitor body doesn’t mind, and Billy works his way down.

My head falls back, trying to imagine Billy is Max.

There is Max. He has his cock out, the one I wish was in my hand and mouth right now.

“Fuck, Jeanne, you look so fucking good,” he murmurs. I’m doing this for him. I will do this for him. Spreading my legs wider, I roll to kiss Billy. Max groans behind us.