Thursday 4 April 2013

#ThursdayThrill - Where are you?

Reposting my Thrill set in my hometown, Edmonton. We're hoping more of the group can participate this week. Make sure you check out all the other Thrills by checking out our blog.
Lynn wandered the hall. They should have been more specific. This place was huge. How would she ever find him in here. It didn't help that she'd never actually seen him before. Hitching her large purse up on her shoulder, she walked faster.

The purse reminded her of her purpose. It was filled with toys and outfits that she hoped would please her prospective master. Assuming she could ever find him. Tears began to collect in her eyes the farther she trotted. Her heels were killing her feet, but she didn't slow. No, instead she collided with someone, her purse falling to the ground just as she did.

"I'm so sorry," the man who had slammed into her said. That wasn't right, she had slammed into him. He was a middle aged man with a girl behind him, his daughter most likely. He offered her a hand and the girl ran to Lynn's bag.

"It was my fault. I'm in hurry. I'm meeting someone here."

"Your bag is heavy," the girl complained. lifting the strap to hand to Lynn.

Lynn's eyes widened, but thankfully, the zipper hadn't come undone. However, something must have bumped the buttons on one of the vibrators because it was definitely buzzing. Lynn snatched it quickly. "Yes, thank you." She began to run away, but the man caught her elbow.

"You're sure you're okay?" he asked again, warm brown eyes full of concern.

"Yes, but I'm late meeting someone," she said, trying to ignore the vibrating in her bag.

"I see. Have a great day." His hand slipped down to her own and squeezed it. An odd spark flared through her at the small, friendly gesture.

He turned and took his daughter's hand, wandering slowly down the aisle. Lynn stood staring for a second. She had never been interested in a vanilla relationship, but something about that man pulled at her. She cursed that she didn't know his name,

A new buzzing clashed against the other and she dug in a side pocket for her phone.

The text read, "I'm standing outside the waterpark, upper level. I will wait exactly three minutes for you."

She was just a few stores from the waterpark. She could see the signage. Stopping at a bench, she dug in her bag, found the offending toy, and turned it off. Then she raced down the hall to her new master. She still didn't know what he looked like, but in her mind he had warm brown eyes and a girl peeked out from behind him.

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