Monday 1 April 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Curious Kitten

Another Tantalizing Teaser from the soon to come Prequel to Blue Moon House, Kitten. Jocelyn and her curiosity! Make sure you read all the other 200 word teasers on the blog.

Her biggest question, which came every time her eye landed on the spike in the ceiling, was why they played with their prey.

There was one thing she could answer, one thing she did know. She didn't want to leave. Go home for a few days, fine, but she did not want to be asked to leave and not return. If that meant trusting these strange creatures, they'd done nothing to betray that trust. If it meant being obedient, well, she'd have to practice, that was all.

She expected the puzzling, added to the late hour, would make her sleepy, but it didn't. The house became quiet, but still she sat.

Frustrated, she opened her door and peeked into the hall. There were a few lamps giving very dim illumination, but it was enough that she felt confident following the wall. Her curiosity would one day get the better of her, but so far, it had still only brought her good things. As she passed the parlor, she heard sounds again. They led her to a staircase. At the base of the stairs she could hear much more clearly what was happening above. It sounded like her kind of party.