Thursday 28 March 2013

#FFF Friday Flasher Fiction - Why are you following me?

Remember, there are many more 100 pieces based on this same picture. Check out the blog to read them all.

Carey followed the trail, happy to leave bikini central behind. The path ended at a waterfall and she took a seat on a well placed bench.


She jumped at her name, looking over her shoulder. “Doug?”

He stepped forward cautiously, his face serious. Her trip had been spur of the moment. How did he know she was here?

“Don’t blame her, but Ally told me. She also told me why you came.” He stepped carefully and sat on the bench as far from her as it would allow. “I only wanted you, Carey. The pictures...I always imagined you.”

This isn't quite the end for Carey and Doug, but I think their story will have to move to a Thursday or Saturday where I can have a few more words and possibly my own picture!