Sunday 3 March 2013

#Serviced #Anthology - @JesabelleJ

Jesabelle Jones is another author contributing to the Serviced Anthology by Breathless Press. Your first credits are in the serviced and Hot Flashes anthologies with Breathless Press. Do you expect a solo credit soon?

I have a full manuscript under consideration and a request for a full from HMB Intrigue., so yes, I am ever hopeful.

Your website and blog are both very new. Are you writing under a pen name? Do you have other experience to draw on?

I am writing under a very new pen name for erotica, hence the new blog/website. I have another established blog/website but intend to keep that separate.

That's understandable. What has been the hardest part about getting started as an erotic writer?

I haven't found it hard at all! My first attempt at erotic fiction was accepted by Breathless as was my second. I only recently decided to try my hand at erotica, it wasn't something that appealed to me although I've always enjoyed reading it (Black Lace was a firm favourite in my late teens).

I'm glad it's come easily! Do you prefer short form erotic fiction?

Yes, I do prefer the short form. I think it is a challenge to maintain the thrill and temptation over a longer story without repeating yourself, however I am constantly learning and am working on an extended piece.

I am still working on that challenge. So far all my pieces in the can are novellas like the first. Both anthologies are through Breathless Press. Have you submitted to anthology submission calls at other publishers?

No, I haven't submitted to other anthologies at this time. I am concentrating on finishing my sub for HMB.

Of course. What social media have been most beneficial as you start out? Do you expect you will use the same or a different one to reach readers?

Facebook groups have been great, especially following New Voices 11 and SYTYCW 12. I am still in touch with others who have entered and my critique partner is brilliant at supporting me.

Congrats on finding one that fits you. I find I'm constantly on the look out for another. Tell us about The Italian Colonel and give us a tease.

Texas on 4th July means fireworks and when a horny English nanny meets the new squadron commander, an Italian Colonel, the sex is hot, and it's only the first date.

"Colonel Luca Giordano, this is my wife, Maria, and our son, Dylan."

Luca! Leonie liked the feel of the name in her mouth, the way the L brushed the tip of her tongue against her teeth, the U pouted her lips, the guttural CA at the back of her throat, her lips parting, mouth open to let the sound out.

She mouthed the name to herself, feeling hotter than she had a few moments ago. She glanced at him making nice with Maria and the baby, drawing David's sister Donna into the conversation.

The Italian was very handsome. He wore civilian clothes and was tall and slim. Some might say skinny, but Leonie could tell by his muscled arms that he was strong with it. Sinuous was the word that sprang to mind. Luca wore a fitted gray T-shirt with some emblem printed on the front and had a tattoo on his arm. Leonie knew enough of Air Force life to know that it was a troop ink and it came alive as he lifted his arm to take the baby from Maria for a cuddle.

Something clenched tightly in Leonie's stomach. What was it about a strong man and a little baby that tied her in knots? As Luca lifted the baby high, the movement also lifted the T-shirt to reveal a glimpse of his toned torso above well-fitted and well-worn jeans. The knot turned into a throb as Luca grinned in response to Dylan's giggle. Leonie closed her eyes briefly behind her glasses. No, she wasn't going to do this, she rationalized. She was hot and she was horny, but only because she hadn't had a man for over a month. It had nothing to do with this Italian, with his chocolate brown eyes and eyelashes that would make an angel cry.

The only reason Leonie had been without sex for this long was due to the changeover in personnel and the fact that she'd been working so much. David had been overseas for a month, meaning Maria needed more help than usual with the baby and more overtime for Leonie. Plus the last batch of trainee pilots had finished their six-month rotation and she hadn't had a chance to scope out the newbies. There was no way she was going to get involved with this latest arrival. He was hot, but there was an arrogance about him that didn’t sit well with Leonie, even if she was getting turned on just watching him.

"And this is Leonie McLeod. Leonie, this is Luca Giordano," David said. Leonie pushed her sunglasses up onto her head and looked fully into the Italian’s dark eyes. The spark was still there as Luca took Leonie’s outstretched hand and pressed his lips to the back of her hand.

"Cara mia, Leonie," he intoned against her hand. Leonie felt the whisper of his breath and the knot slipped a bit, the strands of rope fraying a bit at a time.

"Colonel Giordano." Leonie matched his tone, then realized how it must sound, as his eyes roamed her face and his lips quirked again, his hold tightening almost imperceptibly on her hand.

You can find Jesabelle on her website, twitter and Facebook.