Wednesday 27 March 2013

#WIP Wednesday #amwriting - The Fae

Hello! I thought I'd start a new weekly segment that's a bit of a cross between SexySnippets or Writing Warriors and A Round of Words. I'm calling it Work In Progress Wednesdays. Here I can give you a bit of a low down on how my various pieces are coming and give you a sample of my current project.

Blue Moon House prequels

Jocelyn: This piece has gone through two edits with my editor at Naughty Nights and I hope to have news on a release date soon!

Harry: I've given this one to NNP and my editor. I'm waiting to start work on it again.

Will: I have gotten comments back from a second pre-reader and made the changes. I expect to send this one to NNP soon.

Terrance: Off to the second pre-reader.

Nicholas: Replies are in from the first pre-reader and I plan to make some changes this week.

Lynn & Sophia: Not started. I have a few scenes from Lynn's story kicking around in my head.

Short works

I submitted a 5000 word piece for the fourth Campus Sexploits issue. I also wrote a piece for the Word Count Podcast. I need to record myself reading it before the weekend.

The Fae

This is my fun side project I'm working on. I haven't had a chance to work on it at all in the last week, but I'm hoping to get back into it. Verte and Grey have appeared in Flasher Fiction Friday a few times and Saturdays AfterDark at least once. I'm going to tease you from this one as it has the most recent writing. Bear in mind, this is a first draft.

Grey shifted his hand to hers, pulling her along. “Nearly there,” he promised.
She relaxed very little, wary of every faerie they passed. She didn't truly ease until Grey opened a door and held it for her. She ducked in and sighed heavily.
The room was nothing like the faintly coloured corridors. Pillars of brown held up a blue ceiling, trees and sky. The floor was green, the one colour she hadn't been able to find in Winter and she knelt, running her hands over the soft carpet. It wasn't grass, but the illusion stood. After the initial shock of real colour, she perceived that they were all slightly muted. The blue sky was paler than natural, the brown trunks darker, and the green carpet was only a few shades from black. It was probably the only reason Grey wasn't blinded.
“I trust you'll be more comfortable here?” he asked. His grin was wide.
“Yes!” she said, enthusiastic. “It is acceptable for you? Summer is even bolder-”
“It's fine,” he said, smile not fading. “I'm something of a freak among my relations, but I like a bit more colour.” His fingers found and traced her cheek. “In fact, I seem to like it more every day.”
She felt her pulse pick up, the flush staining her already dark cheeks.
Grey seized her almost roughly, his mouth crashing onto her. He took the bowl and set it aside, walking her to one of the pillars. He pushed her arms back and she obediently crossed her wrists behind the slender trunk. Cold bit her skin as he tied them in ice.
“You were very good,” he told her. “Despite your fear, you obeyed. You have earned a reward.”
Her eyes widened and brows lifted. He'd never spoken of rewards before. Her breath caught as he knelt in front of her, lifting her skirt. She couldn't watch for the fabric bunched between them, but she didn't really need to. She sank into her bonds, into his hands, and her knees spread out. Be it his tongue or his fingers, the slight chill was soothing rather than painful, arousing.
“Oh, yes,” she moaned.
“Come for me, Verte. Let me taste the sap that runs through you.”
The image he conjured, one so far removed from Winter, flooded her mind with growing. Flush leaves and twigs, sugar bursting from cracked bark, oozing.