Thursday 14 March 2013

Lucky In Love #Bloghop - A horseshoe where?

She toyed with piercing, still unsure, self-conscious.
"Don't play with it," Robin said, smacking her hand away. "You'll irritate it. And you heard what she said, no sex for a week."
Donna frowned. A week? It was what Jason wanted. He'd loved the beads in her navel, nose and ears. He'd urged her to pierce a nipple, the same as his. Those had all been fine. Her hand strayed to her lap.
Robin grabbed her hand and held it tightly, the webbing between her fingers straining. "Stop it."
"I know, it's just..." She looked down at the red skin, redder right around the injection site.
The door opened and Donna grabbed the throw to toss across her lap. She had worn a skirt home, unable to bear putting anything else on.
Jason took one look at the pair and sprinted for the couch.
"You did it? Can I see?"
"Don't play with it," Robin said again, wagging a finger in Jason's face.
"I know," he whined.
Donna pulled away the blanket to reveal the open loop strung through the hood of her clitoris.
"It's like the tiniest horseshoe," he said, his fingers straying around her pelvis, carefully avoiding the inflamed tissue. "My lucky day."

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