Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Blue Moon House

Blue Moon House remains my only solo work. It will be joined by prequels soon, but I hope you'll consider reading the original first. Here's a taste to draw you in. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

Sophia’s blue eyes filled Julia’s swimming vision. Her last command had been to look at her. Her throat was hoarse from screaming in pleasure, in pain; her chest was heaving with the effort of her vaginal contractions, pulling her diaphragm, her thighs; all of her was consumed by the continued climax. Julia whimpered, licking her lips, her mouth dry.
“There you are,” Sophia murmured.


  1. Great hook, lots of potential there.

  2. I like the image of her swimming vision. Intriguing hook.

  3. Very descriptive and steamy. In pleasure and pain? I wonder what's being done to her ;) Nick hook.

  4. " Her throat was hoarse from screaming in pleasure.." Good description. I def had a visual image flash.


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