Monday 25 March 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Exploitation

When he erupted in his pants, he couldn't help but wonder what had set him off.

Lynn's breathing was heavy too, as though she had just reached a climax. She slipped under his arm and began kissing him. Kissing a woman, her plump red lips, was a pleasure he had nearly forgotten, one he had indulged last with the widow. Her released the post to hold Lynn, manoeuvring her onto the bed. Uncharacteristically, he seemed on the verge of orgasm again. How was she doing it?

“Yes, Harrold. Take me. Use me.” He almost stopped, hearing those words the way Veronica would use them, with scorn. Lynn noticed his hesitation and worked her toes into the back of his pants, crossing her ankles to pull him toward her. “I'm your whore now,” she said with a bright smile. “Put us in the black.”

That worked. Slipping fingers under her buttocks, he pulled her to the edge of the bed before burying himself in her. She sat up, to his surprise, and pulled his neck back down with her, kissing him again. The fire returned, something stoked by the kiss, and he thrust his hips in time with his pulse, quick and steady.

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