Monday 18 March 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Blood

She knew what would please him most — pain.

She slashed his inner thigh and sucked from that wound, hot blood pumping into her mouth. She had gone too deep. She did lick at the cut this time, praying for it to close, even though it meant her fountain would shut off. It did and she sighed in relief. Fighting herself, she rose and set the knife down, taking up the strap again. Aiming for the marks she had made, she beat Justin. He raised a hand to block the fifth blow and she set the strap down again.

“One.” She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth.

He grunted at the sudden change, his hands closing in her hair. She considered doing to him what she had to Harry. She would need to be much more careful.

As he swelled in her mouth, she closed her teeth on him and looked up.

There it was, that beautiful expression that tied pain and pleasure into one. He flooded her mouth with both fluids and she drank, closing her eyes at the pleasure it gave her. She turned to the other thigh and bit again, needing more.

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