Tuesday 12 March 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Blue Moon House

Julia has the chance for immortality. She has the chance to become one of the vampires of Blue Moon House and fill her endless days with sex and blood. But first, she has to convince the vampires that they want her.

“Oh, god.” Julia felt herself draw near orgasm.

“Good. Let me know,” Lynn told her. The rubbing stopped as did the toy. “Breathe deeply. Yes, like that.” Lynn breathed with Julia for a few moments. “Wonderful.” Lynn started with the toy again, pumping it in and out of Julia several times before touching her clit again, this time with her tongue. Julia groaned and metal rattled as she shook her chains. Again the toy stopped and Lynn straighted. “Breathe,” she ordered, her pale hand on Julia’s heaving belly, caressing the folds. “Relax.”

Are you still enjoying my Hump Day Hooks? I'm planning to break off from the group, but if you pop in and aren't part of that circle, let me know! I'm happy to keep hooking. I'm just not happy with the group.