Monday 11 March 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Together

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Nicholas was happy to indulge her, licking up and flicking the bud of her clitoris. She rocked and his tongue followed her forward and back, tasting all of her. Reaching his hands around, he spread her lips to make his work that much more effective.
She moaned while his tongue was still in his mouth and he looked up. Sophia hadn't rested long, her hands working on Lynn's breasts while her lips sucked and nipped her neck. Her sloppy pussy was rubbing against him. It was a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but would have him hard again in no time.
Turning his focus back to Lynn, he attacked her clitoris, sucking, nipping and lapping at it in turns. Each worked for a while, then he switched to the next, keeping her on edge, building her pleasure.
Soon the soft wet sliding on his cock was impossible to ignore. Sophia agreed, sharing the information with Lynn. “He's ready for you,” she murmured, her teeth closing on Lynn's earlobe.
“Oh, thank heaven.” She slid back to impale herself on his now rigid phallus. Nicholas kept his thumb where his tongue had been, circling her clit while she rode.