Thursday, 14 March 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Beach Blues

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Carey pulled her sunglasses down. The sun was warm on her skin, where she wasn’t covered by her wrap. The sound of the waves should have been calming, but she couldn’t relax.

 She was surrounded by women that belonged in Doug’s special folder. How was she supposed to enjoy herself here? Flopping back, she willed the tide to rise and wash her away.

Sand tickled her legs and she pushed up her glasses to scowl at the blond dancing in her bikini.

“What you hiding under there?” someone asked.

Carey looked, but couldn’t place the speaker amid all the people.


  1. Let's hope she does manage to have some fun.

  2. Yes, what is she hiding? Now I want to know. :)

  3. Don't worry about Doug. Dance your cares away Carey like the blond. There are other fish in the sea. I want to know what she is hiding too. Great flash


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