Friday 15 March 2013

Saturday #AfterDark - Spanking

I don't usually do spanking, but well, this photo did it for me! Read the other stories on the blog. Also, check out my spotlight on Erotic Promos!
This wasn't exactly what she had signed up for. She was looking for some spice, something new. She'd always liked the men who took charge in the bedroom, being able to bend over and let them go wild. So when she saw the ad for a trial as a submissive, she though maybe she'd stumbled on what she was missing.
As her ass flared with heat and pain, she still wasn't sure.
The Dom, her 'Master' assuming she got the terminology right, had started by taking her for coffee. They'd talked back and forth about good sexual experiences, lovers that had made her laugh, things that had made her cringe, anything she'd tried that she hadn't liked. It had been easy and informal and felt more like a date with a friend than anything. Stan had been open and friendly, encouraging her to go into detail, laughing with her and chiming in with this or that tidbit from his experience.
It hadn't felt weird until the end. "Now, Cara. You understand this is just a trial. I'm not going to ask you to make any commitments, and you won't require any of me. It will be one session to see what you think of the lifestyle. We might not fit well together, but you should get a sense if you want to be a submissive with someone else, or if you don't want to try again at all. Does that sound alright?"
She'd picked up her coffee to hide her sudden anxiety. "Yes. That sounds fine."
"Good. I'll text you with a time and place. If that doesn't work, we'll try another time. I'll give you three chances to meet with me and if you turn them down, I won't bother you again."
She nodded, feeling a little better. "Yeah, that's good. I'm free on Wednesday and Saturday nights," she reminded him.
He smiled. "I know. I'll text you."
She hadn't expected a wardrobe detail with the time and place, but it was simple enough to wear what he asked. It wasn't until now, her panties pushed down so he could slap her ass, that she realized her obedience had come almost without thought. Certainly, following his instructions once she entered the hotel room had been arousing: made to strip, to bend over and display herself. It was exactly what she'd been looking forward to.
She still wasn't sure what she had done wrong. Responded too slowly? But he had taken her over his knee and slapped her ass, hard. She could feel the entire hand print. She choked back a scream and bit her tongue. It had been one spank. Then he stood her up and asked her to continue the last instruction, fingering herself for him to watch.
She'd made more mistakes, and with each the number of swats on her behind had increased. Now she was kicking her heels up and tears poured down her cheeks.
"Cara," Stan said, his voice a little hoarse. "I need to know." His hand slid down between her flaming cheeks to brush her sex for the first time that night. "Do you want me to call again?"
He hadn't fucked, she hadn't come, she'd only obeyed his commands, and been spanked. This wasn't exactly what she'd signed up for, and yet...
Stan spread her wetness and she knew her answer. "Yes."
"Good." He slapped her ass one more time before sliding his fingers into her.